Remain Hopeful - Jim

Remain Hopeful - Jim

Remain Hopeful (Jim) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak File 2.


In this sequence, a cured Jim Chapman has successfully escaped from Raccoon City with a spare sample of Daylight. In this delight, he accidentally drops the vial and it almost falls out of the helicopter. While trying to pick it up, he falls out and is dragged back in by Danny.


Jim: "Does it really work?"
Jim: "No, shit! Hey, get back here!"
Jim: "Hey?!"
Jim: "Thanks, you the man."

Jim: "本当に役に立つのか?これ…"
Jim: "マジかよ…"
Jim: *ad-lib*
Jim: "全部チャラかと思ったよ"


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