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36- Remain Hopeful Ending (Yoko)01:39

36- Remain Hopeful Ending (Yoko)

Remain Hopeful (Yoko)

Remain Hopeful (Yoko) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak. It is played at the end of "Decisions, Decisions" as Yoko Suzuki, should the Player finish the game with a spare sample of Daylight in their Inventory (Yoko's backpack will not be counted).


Yoko: "Is there a secret hiding inside me?"

Greg: "Yoko. It's been two years. Oh, but you might not know that."

Yoko: "If so, I can't run away from it."
"This is... finally something hopeful."
"I have to see this through to the end."

Yoko: あたしには秘密がある

Greg: ヨーコ君… 2年ぶりだねおっと… 君は覚えちゃいまいか

Yoko: でも… 逃げるわけにはいかない
やっと… 希望と呼べるものも手に入った
見届けるまで… 投げ出せないわ


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