"Remington M1100-P. It uses 12 gauge rounds. Smaller than a standard M1100, as its barrel is cut."

The Remington M1100-p (named the Shotgun in-game) is a shotgun that Leon Kennedy finds in Resident Evil 2.


Sporting a five-round capacity, this pump-action weapon is effective at close range and is recommended against strong enemies or groups of zombies.

The Shotgun can decapitate a zombie's head by aiming upwards while in close range. It can also destroy a zombie's torso or legs by aiming at the chest or downwards. However, this will not kill the zombie, but instead split them in half. This leaves them crawling and will still try to bite the player.

The Shotgun can be found in several locations in both scenarios:

Custom Shotgun Edit

RE2 C Shotgun

Custom Shotgun

"Remington M1100. M1100 full size semi-automatic. The longer barrel results in more concentrated blasts."

The Custom Shotgun (named the C. Shotgun in-game) is created after combining the starting shotgun with the Shotgun Parts. (located in the Umbrella factory passage)

The weapon is identified as a Remington M1100. This full-size semi-automatic shotgun deals devastating wide spread damage to groups of enemies. It now holds seven rounds instead of five. The recoil of the weapon is enough to knock Leon back significantly. Aside from having stronger firepower, it also has a louder gunshot; combining the parts to the shotgun when not fully loaded (including empty) will automatically reload it to the 7-round capacity.

  • With the upgraded M1100, a close range shot to a zombie's chest will not only decapitate, but inflict partial or complete destruction of the torso.

Fourth SurvivorEdit

In The 4th Survivor minigame, Umbrella operative HUNK carries the basic shotgun in his inventory.

Extreme Battle Mode Edit

  • Chris Redfield starts with the Custom Shotgun in his inventory, while Leon starts with a normal Shotgun.
  • As Chris is stronger than Leon, he is able to control the Custom Shotgun's recoil and retarget quicker. He also taps the shotgun against his shoulder when idling, just like in the first Resident Evil.
  • In Leon's game, there is a 50% chance that the Shotgun Parts will appear in the game. (located in Sewer B2) It will enable Leon to upgrade his Shotgun. (the parts appear in all 3 Levels of Extreme Battle Mode)