Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Remy Raymond was a business located in the city area of Tall Oaks.[1] It was located on Tall Oaks Street.[Note 1] The business was affected by the Tall Oaks outbreak and was decimated with the rest of the city on June 29, 2013.


During the C-Virus outbreak in Tall Oaks, D.S.O. agent Leon Scott Kennedy and Secret Service agent Helena Harper made their way through the city in an attempt to reach Tall Oaks Church. The two agents navigate around the building by using the scaffolding in the alley behind the building.


The business is built along Tall Oaks Street, between two large buildings located near Amici della Forchetta and the Antiques store. The building is two stories tall with a balcony. There is a large sign above the entrance to the building with the name of the business in capital letters. There is a gate blocking an alleyway to the east of the building, which leads to the back of the building. Behind the building is a storage area. There are also many boxes stored on the second floor of the building. There is construction going on in the alley behind the building, evidenced by scaffolding attached to the building as well as visible fencing, tarps, and a construction dumpster.[Note 2]

The building next door to Remy Raymond has a gated front area that can be seen from Tall Oaks Street. While the yard connects to the Remy Raymond building, it is unknown whether the building can be accessed from the lot.




  1. The street that runs along the north side of the building is initally marked as Tall Oaks Street until it later becomes Sizemore Street.
  2. Several buildings on Tall Oaks Street/Sizemore Street were undergoing construction at the time of the outbreak.
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