Rendezvous is a cutscene in Resident Evil 5. It is played during Chapter 2-1.


Chris: "Man, am I glad to see you guys."

Josh: "Delta Team, captain Stone."

Chris: "Chris Redfield."

Josh: "Sheva."

Sheva: "Thanks Josh. I owe you one."

Chris: "You guys know each other."

Sheva: "I trained under Josh. He taught me everything I knew."

Josh: "Sheva became the little sister of the team. Now Sheva, you must continue your search for Irving. According to the data we received fromthe hard drive, we believe he has moved onto the mining area. There's moreinfo inside. (hands Chris a flash drive) We'll follow after taking care of business here. And keep your radio handy just in case."

Sheva: "Thanks, Josh."

Chris: "Jill..."

Sheva: "Chris, are you alright?"

Chris: "This picture it's...Forget it, it's nothing. Let's move out."

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