Diary of the Chief Warden., otherwise known as REPORT 1, is a file in Resident Evil Survivor 2 CODE: Veronica.


Only a few hours remain for me as a conscious human being. This will be the final entry in my diary. I won't waste precious moments whining about what could've been. Who dropped the ball this time? Ah well, what's done is done. In 48 hours the virus will contaminate this entire island and every life form will die out. Soon I will be nothing more than a soulless bag of meat controlled completely by the virus.

She is my before hope. My invincible lover, Neticia. I first met you in an empty solitary cell. You have innocently chosen that spot to make your web, a place to all home, though there was no food for you to catch. I wonder why I fell for you... Perhaps it was because I sensed we were kindred spirits, choosing to live our lives in some sheltered corner secluded from others... I diligently kept feeding you with moths and roaches. Watching you wrap their bodies and suck out their fluids relaxed me. I noticed how you had grown, but I wanted you to be bigger and stronger. That's why I started to steal bodies for you. There was no harm in it, after all they were the dead remnants from various experiments, no longer useful and left to be disposed of secretly.

So I did just that, by feeding you. The effect of the virus on you was astounding, and in no time you had become as big as a man. Then, when I ran out of food, I sent a prisoner to the cell. They would be tortured to death by Alfred anyway. No one cared if a few went missing... At before you have grown too big to live in a cell. Now I let you crawl loose in the prison. The ceiling has become your nesting place and you've begun to devour prisoners and prison officers at random. No one will be able to destroy my lover. You are far more powerful than that annoying Alfred, your fangs are sharp enough to slice his empty little head off with one bite.All those memories... they'll be gone. My whole body has been infected with the virus. Now I'm hearing the noise you make when you crawl on the ceiling with your eight slender legs, Neticia. I guess you have eaten your food up. I guess the hunger is urging you. My dear Netty... Kill everyone. Destroy everything. Devour all. The meaning of the world will be lost when I die. I know you are gazing at me with your eight eyes. Don't hesitate. Now, fulfill your urge, and let nature take its course as you sink your beautiful fangs into me...



何でお前を気に入ったんだ? 世界の片隅で生き抜いてる姿が重なったから?







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