This laboratory was used by Dr. James Marcus for his serious work, while operating as general manager for the Umbrella Research Center, a leadership training school. The laboratory was built near a body of water in the Arklay Mountains, using a church as a facade.

It was here that Marcus studied the Progenitor and Tyrant viruses, as well as where he was assassinated in 1988.

Further notesEdit

In the initial development of Resident Evil Zero, the laboratory was to be built on a tall island stack. The height was downsized significantly later in development.[1][excerpts 1]

Map Edit


  1. Excerpt from biohazard 0 KAITAISHINSHO, page 260:
    "最初の設定では、 養成所や岸との行き来が断絶された孤島だったようだ。 ゲーム中では、礼拝堂が建っている位置はこれほど高くない。"
  1. (in Japanese) biohazard 0 KAITAISHINSHO. Enterbrain. p. 260. 

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