Researcher's Will is a file that can be found in the Below Freezing Point scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak.



Oh... I can't believe this...

Three days have passed since a couple of subjects (MA-125R) who escaped from B area began a killing spree in the laboratory... I think at least 10 of my colleagues have been killed by them...

However, I got to experience the horror, first hand, as one of their giant, sharp claws ripped through my body! The bleeding from the wound just doesn't seem to stop...

Why... Why did we create such terrible things!? We had no right to play god.

The only thing left for me to do now is to destroy the laboratory temperature controls...

When the temperature drops down to about zero degrees, they would be frozen in their tracks... hopefully. That is about the only thing I can do now. Damn my foolishness!






  • Birlew, Dan (2004). Resident Evil Outbreak Official Strategy Guide. Indianapolis: BradyGames. 


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