June 8th, 1998
My dearest Ada,
By the time you read this letter, I
will no longer be the man you knew.
The results of my test came back
today, and as I suspected, they
came back positive.
I feel like I am teetering on the edge
of sanity just thinking about my
impending doom. I would give anything
not to have become one of them.
As far as I know, you are not infected.
I sincerely hope things do not reach
such a desperate pass, but if it has
turned out that you are the last person
remaining alive, I want you to get the
material from the Visual Data Room.
Then, activate the Self-Destruct System
in the Power Room and escape from here.
Please do everything in your power to
make this whole incident public.
If everything is still running normally,
you should be able to release all the
locks using the Security System. I have
set up the terminal in the small
security room so that you can log in
to the system using my name and your
name as the password.
You will need another password to
release the lock of the door in Basement
Level Two where the Visual Data Room is
As a safety measure I have coded that
password into an X-ray picture; a
roentgenogram. I know you, and I'm sure
you will be able to work it out without
any trouble.
There is just one more thing… and it
is my last request. I hope you never
have to lay eyes on me in that state,
but if you do happen to run into me in
my hideous form, I beg you to put me
out of my misery. I hope you understand.
Thank you, Ada.
Yours truly,