Researching the Deep-Sea Virus (深海層におけるウィルス発見とその研究 Shinkai-sō ni okeru u~irusu hakken to sono kenkyū?) is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: Revelations.


Montpellier Marine University conducted research via unmanned submersible during the fourth expedition to the Kermadec Trench. At 9000 meters, a new type of super deep-sea predatory fish was discovered.

The deep seas have a unique effect on living organisms. But this creature, in addition to the usual tolerance to high pressures, displays an unbelievable degree of motility and a ferocity not usually found at such depths.

What surprised us after examining the fish was that these unique traits were not native to the fish's biology, but were caused by a viral infection.

Owing to the unfathomable nature of this virus, we decided to give it the name "The Abyss." We will continue to research it. We must find out why it takes the large fat and water reserves of deep-sea fish, which are suited to the high-pressure, low-oxygen, low-temperature depths, and turns them into high-density bone and muscle structures that are not usually found in organisms who live in deep-water habitats.

If we can successfully develop a working B.O.W., we will have moved research in this field light years ahead. It is important to note blood transmission of the virus happens in 99.76% of all cases to date.

In rare cases some test subjects do not become infected if they take the virus orally, perhaps because it is diluted.

We will do all we can to improve the effectiveness of this virus and redouble our efforts.

(The rest of the paper is faded and illegible.)

モンペリエ海洋大学研究室が主導した、 無人深海探査機による第4次ケルマデック海溝探査によって、 水深3000mの超深海層で新種の狩猟採集型深海魚が発見された。

この深海魚は生物に大きな影響を与える高水圧環境にありながら、 信じられないほどの高い遊泳能力と、獰猛製を持つ特異な特徴を有していた。

研究解析の結果、この驚異的な生命力の原因は深海魚固有のものではなく、 発見された新種の魚類病原ウィルスにあるという結論に至る。

ウィルスは"深遠"の名を冠し、 秘匿名"ジ・アビス"と命名され、極秘の研究を続けることが決定した。

"ジ・アビス"は高水圧・低酸素・低温の環境下に適するために元来は、 脂肪や水分の多い深海魚の体を変容させ、 深海ではありえないレベルの高密度の骨格と筋力を作り出している。

これが上手く働けば B.O.W.の活動圏は飛躍的に広がるに違いない。