Further notes


The Regenerate "commercial" was used in a teaser trailer for the second Resident Evil movie, and can be seen in the movie on a TV screen in the female Umbrella scientist's house. It is reminiscent of the Olay product Regenerist advertisements.

Regenerate (2003) is a skin care product (and registered trademark) of the Umbrella Corporation (motto: Our business is life itself), using the t-Virus to reanimate dead cells and make you more youthful looking but instead turns you into a zombie.

An ad similar to the Regenerate can be seen in ending credits. The ad states that the film itself is "a product of the Umbrella Corporation." It ends with "Some Side Effects may occur", referring to the fact that the person using the product will turn into a zombie.

The teaser trailer is available from Sony Pictures in both RealMedia[1] and Windows Media formats.[2]

The teaser trailer starts with how a usual beauty product advertisement would look like, which includes a voice-over. The trailer shows a woman, with what appears to be a zombified dog from the previous film, in the advertisement who is using the product on herself, the camera zooms at her face in which she turns into a zombie. The trailer immediately cuts to fotage of the first film, which we see the T-Virus outbreak, the zombie dog and Alice with a shotgun at the now destroyed Raccoon City. It transits to an image of T-virus canisters (a similar shot used in most of the films), showing the film's title.