The Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Original Motion Picture Music) features score cues composed by Jeff Danna for the film of the same name. The score was performed by the London Philharmonia Orchestra and places an emphasis on orchestral sound in sharp contrast to the electronics and synthesizers utilized by Marco Beltrami and Marilyn Manson in the original Resident Evil score. This additional release is differentiated by the words "Music Composed by Jeff Danna" on the lower right front of the cover art.

Track listingEdit

Track listing[1][2]
No. Title Length
1. "My Name Is Alice"   2:13
2. "Alice Battles the Nemesis"   3:04
3. "The Nemesis vs. S.T.A.R.S."   2:11
4. "Panic at the Gate"   1:37
5. "Umbrella is Watching"   3:01
6. "Ashford's Plan"   2:36
7. "Cain's Demise"   1:52
8. "The Nemesis is Awakened"   2:44
9. "Zombies in Church"   1:34
10. "Captured by Umbrella"   2:22
11. "The Crash Site"   1:03
12. "Dogs in the Kitchen"   2:03
13. "Searching for Alice"   2:43
14. "The Anti-Virus"   2:14
15. "Beneath the City"   2:18
16. "The Last Transport"   1:54
17. "Search the School"   1:30
18. "I Remember Everything"   2:04


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