Dead Aim opening02:58

Dead Aim opening

The opening cutscene (tentative) is the first cutscene in Resident Evil: Dead Aim.


Raccoon City, a mid-western town in the United States, was destroyed when a substance known as the t-virus leaked throughout the town.

However, Umbrella, the corporation developing the virus, refused to abort the project, and once again the threat of biological terror was thrust upon the world.

A large amount of t-virus was stolen three days ago when a terrorist group hit an Umbrella lab in France. Yesterday, one of Umbrella's cruisers was hijacked and contaminated with the same virus.


この町が”t‐ウィルス” により壊滅したことは記憶に新しい


結果    より恐ろしい事態を招いた

3日前    同社・パリ支部より強奪された大量のウイルスが

昨日    占拠された同社所有の豪華客船で散布されたのだ

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