Degeneration PSA 3

Degeneration PSA 3

A mock-PSA (Public Service Announcement), this trailer was used as a WilPharma ad.


The t-virus is out there and can affect anybody: A Lumbering Body; An uncontrollable Appetite; Feelings of disembodiedment; Delusions; and comatose blackouts are all symptoms of the t-virus infection. Sometimes, what's worse than the symptoms are the hostile treatment victims of the t-virus might face. Thankfully, WilPharma is here to help. When it comes to defending against the t-virus symptoms, nobody had the experience of WilPharma. Our Brakethrough technology has allowed us to create a medication that will stop the t-virus dead in its tracks. If you've been feeling like the walking undead, start living again with the WilPharma t-virus onnoculation. Some side effects may include: Dry mouth; Diarrhoea; Sexual side-effects or mobility; muscle pain and skin rash.

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