Further notes
  • Alice's new costume was designed by Milla Jovovich's clothing line, Jovovich-Hawk.
  • The production still of Alice (Milla Jovovich) holding two Kukri knives is a visual reference to Resident Evil: Apocalypse's poster.
  • The idea for the two Kukri knives were from Milla Jovovich's fight trainer from Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Ron Balicki.
  • The accompanying music for the first theatrical trailer is The Crystal Method's "I Know It's You". Milla Jovovich provides the vocals/wailing for the song, which was released three years earlier.
  • Prints were shipped to some theaters under the fake title "Raccoon City" - which is the name of the city featured in several of the video games.
  • In the Tokyo scene the sign next to 'Tokyo Metro' reads 'Zatoichi Square' an obvious nod to the fictional Japanese film and television character.
  • The film was not screened for critics, most likely due to the overwhelmingly-negative reviews from critics for the first two films.
  • For the crow attack scene, only two crows were used for the entire sequence. The rest of the crows were entered with special effects.
  • There's a sneak preview of the next Resident Evil movie Resident Evil: Degeneration in the bonus material of the DVD.
  • This is the first Resident Evil movie not to be released onto the VHS format, all the other movies were.
  • The crows sitting on power lines and attacking in large numbers pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds.
  • The Blu-ray release was the first Blu-ray movie that offered the 'picture in picture' feature.
  • Both director Russell Mulcahy and second unit director Douglas Aarniokoski have directed films in the 'Highlander' series. Mulcahy directing Highlander and Highlander II: The Quickening, while Aarniokoski directed the fourth installment Highlander: Endgame (2000).
  • Raccoon City is clearly Detroit, Michigan from the graphic about 6–7 minutes into the film. The Detroit river and Belle Isle are clearly discernible, as is the half moon shaped industrial park to the North (towards the left in the film).
  • Sienna Guillory was offered the chance to reprise her role as Jill Valentine from Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004), but had to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts with Eragon and the character was then written out of this sequel.
  • The scene where Dr. Isaac interacts with a "enhanced zombie" is a nod to Day of the Dead, where a zombie shows a zombie regaining some intelligence.
  • The film's teaser trailer is similar to Resident Evil: Apocalypse's, it shows an advertisement for Las Vegas but glitches to reveal it is a television from the post-apocalyptic areas in the film. The footage zooms into space revealing an "Umbrella" satellite, it zooms into a shot of Alice, then to her eye, which flashes the "Umbrella" symbol which transits to footage from the film. This technique was also used in the teaser for Resident Evil: Retribution.
  • Like Extinction, the teaser trailer for Apocalypse and Retribution feature a different advertisement (in this case, a skin-care product in Apocalypse and a technological device in Retribution) which transits to footage of the film.