This is the first issue of the four-part Resident Evil: Fire and Ice series. Released in December 2000, it was written by Ted Adams and Kris Oprisko, who formerly wrote stories for the Official Comic Magazine in 1998-99.


Cristiana, Colorado - October 22.

The story starts with S.T.A.R.S. Charlie Team member Raquel Fields investigating a town. Reporting a lack of enemy contacts, she is unaware that they are all behind here.

Batavia, Nebraska - October 31.

Falcon leads his team, consisting of Jesse Alcorn; Quan Williamson; Rosa Cardenas and Patrick Brady into the town of Batavia, where a zombified travelling circus is terrifying the town. They make quick work of the zombies in their own way - Quan cuts down a zombie on stilts while Rosa garottes zombies from behind. Patrick is hunted by a Zombie Lion, reflecting his time at Raccoon Zoo.

It is explained in a flashback that Patrick survived his recent purge of the zoo animals, at the expense of being infected with the last remaining G-Virus infected animal. He was rescued by a mop-up team sent by Leon Kennedy. A S.T.A.R.S. medical team later operated on Patrick to reverse the effects of the virus. He survived the viral infection and gained an impressive ability to sense infected enemies.

Falcon, meanwhile, is shown to have been conducting anti-Umbrella operations for years, having assisted Leon and Jill in their search for Umbrella's bases in Europe. Rosa grew up on a Hopi Indian reservation with her mother, after the death of her Mexican father. She learned impressive tracking skills in her time there. Her mother was killed in a Raccoon City diner.

Back in the fight, the decision is made to simply incinerate the zombified circus folk and animals rather than shoot them - taking out a Zombie Elephant in the process. Rosa damages a zombie's arm; it reacts by pulling it out from its socket - Rosa proceeds to beat it to death with it. Patrick, meanwhile is captured by zombie acrobats, and Jesse has to shoot them from the ground. The entire circus goes up in flames after all four explosives carried by the team detonate.

A red haired man is recovered from near the circus tents. Falcon recognises him as an Umbrella employee. Held at knife-point, he explains his presence there as being to monitor a standard containment op, and to give S.T.A.R.S. Charlie team a "proper welcome". While Falcon is demanding of details as to how Umbrella knew they'd be in Nebraska, it is too late; the man has died from his wounds.

Back at Charlie Team headquarters, Falcon introduces Raquel Fields as the newest member of the team; she apologises for having been delayed by an "unplanned incident" (the outbreak in Colorado). Falcon briefs Raquel on their mission - to eliminate Umbrella and their bio-weapons in order to prevent another incident like Raccoon City. Raquel requests a bathroom break fifteen minutes before the team is to leave; her condition has been getting progressively worse since the incident in Colorado where she was bitten in the arm. She cannot remember the incident.

At the S.T.A.R.S. staging area, their mission is made clear. The Nebraska mission allowed the team to retrieve sensitive information regarding Umbrella's new bases, where they are working on new bio-weapons research. They will be split into two investigation teams. Rosa is to lead Quan and Patrick to an Umbrella facility in Alaska, while Falcon is to lead Jesse and Raquel to Mexico.

Arriving in an isolated Mexican town, the team spot zombies wearing various stereotypically-Mexican dress; as a zombified Catholic priest holds a candle, they conclude it to be a Día de Muertos parade.

Q&A session

1) What is the status of the Resident Evil movie, or future game releases?

The answer is that we don't know - we just do the comics under a license from Capcom. We're not the people who bring you the games (much as we love to play them).

2) Where can I get back issues of the RECBM?

Again, the answer is, we don't know. We don't sell directly to consumers, and even if we did, this thing has been so popular that we can barely manage to keep a couple of copies in our offices for reference. Search the Internet, search the back issue sections of comic stores. There was a collection that reprinted many of the stories from the five issue of the RECBM, called "RESIDENT EVIL: Collection One," and your local comic shop can order this collection.



  • Ted Adams - Co-writer
  • Kris Oprisko - Co-writer
  • Lee Bermejo - Penciller
  • Shawn Crystal - Penciller
  • John Nyberg - Inker
  • Mike Heisler - Letterer
  • Jeff Mariotte - Editor

Further notes