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On November 1, 2010 Kotaku reported on a rumor that Slant Six Games, developer of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation, was developing Resident Evil: Raccoon City.

On its website, Slant Six Games wrote that it was currently developing "an amazing new project" that was unannounced, which was developed in conjunction with a "new publishing partner on a world class franchise."[1]

In an interview with, Masachika Kawata estimated the game, as of March 30, 2011, to be 45% complete.[2]

On March 27 of 2011, Capcom shows it's first details of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City in the French magazine of PlayStation. At the time, only four U.S.S. characters were confirmed to be in the game: VECTOR, SPECTRE, BELTWAY and BERTHA. The 2011 edition of the Official Xbox Magazine, to be released on April 5, shows an image of an individual in a gas mask along with an Umbrella Inc. logo on the issue's cover.[3]

In the 2011 E3, Capcom-unity announced two new playable characters for the Wolfpack: LUPO, and FOUR EYES. Also, according to Kawata, there are currently discussions on introducing brand-new B.O.W.s into the game.

In early 2012, Capcom reveals the new protagonist team called Echo Six, an elite squad of the U.S. Government Spec Ops. The characters are the counterpart of the U.S.S. sent to rescue civilians, discover the truth about the outbreak and eliminate the U.S.S.

In January 2012, Capcom shows the details of the four multiplayer modes: Team Attack, Survivors, Biohazard and Heroes. The Heroes mode includes several classic characters separated into two teams:

  • U.S.S.: HUNK, Nicholai Zinoviev, Ada Wong and NIGHT HAWK.

In addition to the multiplayer modes, a confirmed Xbox 360 exclusive has been added. Players will engage in a new versus called "Nemesis Mode". Players will engage each other as the Government Spec Ops versus the U.S.S.. Players will engage in combat to find a control panel to activate Nemesis and program it to help eliminate the opposition. Nemesis Mode will be available for download on the release date of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City for 320 Microsoft Points.

In March 2012, according to the Capcom Blog, a free DLC mission will be released on April 11. The mission will be played as the Spec Ops members and resembles some events of Resident Evil 3, including the Jill and Nemesis encounter.


Main article: BIOHAZARD Operation Raccoon City ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK

The soundtrack to Operation Raccoon City is set to be released on May 16, 2012 alongside the Japanese edition of the game. Nevertheless, gamers have managed to rip music files for YouTube audiences, much like Revelations was earlier in the year.

Capcom has announced that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City's soundtrack will feature an exclusive theme song in Japan - No Escape by Coldrain which is going to be released as a single on April 20.


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