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Further notes
  • The demo of E3 2011 included a chapter called "No Survivors", with the objective to hunt Leon and Claire after the fuel tank track crash, resembling the opening of Resident Evil 2. In the final product, the chapter was loosely changed and merged with chapter 5, "Expendable".
  • It is interesting to note that any recreated cut-scene in this game from RE2 or RE3 has the original lines of dialogue.
  • In the final product, a lot of the weapons had design changes from the real life based models. The differences can be seen in the Kendo Gunshop catalog from Inserted Evil.
  • In the Saint Michael Clock Tower, the Moonlight Sonata can be heard looped in the chapel/piano room area as a reference to RE1. However, the song was never heard in Resident Evil 2 or Resident Evil 3: Nemesis .
  • The classes for both teams are reversed in gender with Recon, Surveillance, and Demolitions in U.S.S being male and Spec Ops being female. Medic, Assault, and Field Scientist were female in the U.S.S. and male in Spec Ops.
  • Depending on the game's copy, Nicholai pronounced his surname as 'Zinoviev' whereas the subtitles show it as 'Ginovaef'.