Further notes

At the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International, Anderson and Jeremy Bolt told that a fifth Resident Evil film would be possible, saying: "We always take it one movie at a time. We put so much effort into them and it is a family affair. It is all about making the best possible movie now and then promoting well and getting it out there. Making sure it is seen in the right way. When the dust settles then you think about something else. For us, it is not a business, it is a passion. You don't want to start talking about the next baby until you make sure this one is okay."

Anderson later told IGN that if the film was a success, he would do the fifth film and would like Leon Kennedy to make an appearance.[1]

Jovovich told New York Magazine that Anderson had started work on a sequel. She explained, "We've been talking to a lot of fans on Twitter and stuff, so it's probably going to be one of the first movies where we really talk to fans to see what they want, and what characters they want to see. It's going to be a more interactive process."

During an interview, Jovovich, Boris Kodjoe, and Ali Larter all confirmed that if there was another film made, they would reprise their roles, with Boris stating "Without hesitation I would say yes", and Ali Larter stating after being asked if she was onboard said "Sure, I love working with Milla and Paul".[2]

After the box-office success of Resident Evil: Afterlife, the fifth film in the franchise has been confirmed, and is scheduled for release on September 14, 2012.[3]

Milla Jovovich talked about the possible title on her Twitter page, saying it may be called "Resident Evil: Retribution," and that Paul has been working with professional video game players.[4]

Resident Evil: Retribition began filming on October 10 to December 24, 2011. Paul W.S. Anderson has been confirmed as both writer and director of the film.

Although Albert Wesker returns, Jill Valentine has been announced to be the main antagonist in the film. Milla Jovovich tweeted that Paul had a big surprise about the origin of her character Alice.

According to Stock Till You Drop, Ada Wong and Barry Burton will appear in the film with Leon.[5]

Milla Jovovich has been updating fans with little tidbits and other little things from the preparation of the film. She has also stated that Chris, Claire, and K-Mart will not be major characters in the film and will not appear, stating, "claire, chris, and k-mart have been abducted by the umbrella corporation. and we have try to save them!" The Las Plagas from the Resident Evil 4 will appear. She has also released other statements saying: "again so we don't waste time: JENSEN ACKLES IS SHOOTING A TV SHOW AND IS UNAVAILABLE!" and "yes! shawn roberts is back as wesker and more badass than ever! of course its not easy to kill him!" Although confirmed, Albert Wesker is only slated to make a cameo appearance.[6] Jovovich also says that she will love to do a sixth film and have everyone back. Johann Urb will play Leon Scott Kennedy and will be the leader of the resistance who teams up with Alice. Kevin Durand will play Barry Burton.

Along with Colin Salmon, Michelle Rodriguez has also been confirmed to return in a flashback/cameo sequence. The film will take plot elements from Resident Evil 4 video game as the film will feature the Las Plagas parasite.[7] Oded Fehr has also been confirmed by Milla, via twitter. Recently, Milla confirmed on her Twitter that Johann Urb will take the role of Leon.[8]

In a recent interview, Paul Anderson revealed that the Las Plagas will be in the parasite form in the films. He even went into further detail talking about a scene replicated from Resident Evil 5; the survivors are in a car chase driving a Rolls Royce rather than a Hummer from the game while Plaga infected individuals armed with machine guns on motorcycles are chasing them.[9]

Recently, Milla confirmed on her Twitter that Li Bingbing will take the role of Ada Wong.[10]

Kevin Durand as Barry Burton confirmed by Milla on her twitter.[11]

In August 2012, Resident Evil Retribution got a rating of Rated R (for sequences of strong violence throughout).

On August 20, 2012, The full website for 'Retribution' went active.

Sony issued an official statement saying that the running time for 'Resident Evil: Retribution' will be 1hr 35 minutes.


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