Resident Evil: Retribution (Music from the Motion Picture Score), is the second soundtrack composed by transmedia group group, tomandandy. Released September 11, 2012,[1] the score contains fifteen new compositions and two reprises of "Axe Man and "Tokyo", previously featured in the score for Resident Evil: Afterlife. Along with tomandandy, electronic artist, Bassnectar, composed the song, "Hexes", featuring vocals from Chino Moreno of the Deftones. The song titled "Tokyo Revisited" plays on the film's official website.


No. TitleMusic Length
1. "Hexes (feat. Chino Moreno)"  Bassnectar 3:00
2. "Flying Through The Air"  tomandandy 3:48
3. "First Blood"  tomandandy 1:12
4. "Tokyo Revisited"  tomandandy 2:05
5. "Corridor"  tomandandy 2:51
6. "Planting"  tomandandy 4:04
7. "Axemen"  tomandandy 2:47
8. "Fall Back"  tomandandy 1:51
9. "Imprinted"  tomandandy 0:56
10. "Suburbia"  tomandandy 2:49
11. "Phantom Chase"  tomandandy 2:48
12. "End of the World"  tomandandy 1:25
13. "Drive Away"  tomandandy 1:10
14. "Ice Pack"  tomandandy 2:03
15. "Zombies Under Ice"  tomandandy 2:02
16. "It's Help"  tomandandy 2:07
17. "Flying Through The Air (T-Mass Remix)"  tomandandy 3:55

iTunes and CD Bonus Tracks

Track listing
No. Title Length
18. "Origin (Bonus Track)"   2:59
19. "The End (Bonus Track)"   1:23


  1. Resident Evil: Retribution - Soundtrack.Net

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