Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Concept Teaser

Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Concept Teaser

Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Concept Teaser was a live-action teaser trailer originally released as a teaser for Resident Evil: Revelations 2, produced by CAPCOM to promote the announcement of Revelations 2. It was the first video/trailer released for the game and bears little relation to the plot of the game as it includes hints to the game itself and several references to previous games in the series.

Capcom later released the full trailer at Tokyo Game Show in 2014. A campaign was held in RE.NET After an extended cut of the teaser was released which showcased Claire and Moira struggling to escaped from the Afflicted. Challenging fans to find as many references to previous Resident Evil titles and the upcoming title as they can.

The campaign premise was for Users to find out the references and easter eggs in the teaser, the challenge was issued as Part 1 of a campaign, rewording fans with 10,000 RE points for use on upon commenting.[1]


Following is a possible list of references to the Resident Evil series found within the video, some more questionable than others.

  • The doorway entrance, harkening back to the loading animations of classic Resident Evil titles. It also features a "T" under the doorknob.
  • Participants are seen wearing bracelets resembling those Claire and Moira are froced to wear in Revelations 2
  • A woman seen in a black tank top next to a painting resembles Rachel Foley from Resident Evil: Revelations (debatable)
  • A man is seeing wearing a TerraSave T-shirt
  • A painting on the wall depicts a ship resembling the Queen Zenobia, Queen Semiramis, and Queen Dido
  • A small pot contains a plant resembling herbs from the series
  • A woman dressed as Moira Burton is seen arguing with a man resembling Barry Burton
  • Logos for the catering can be seen, called "Jill's" along with the picture of a sandwich, referencing Barry's infamous line
  • Clocks are set to 2:00 and 7:00 respectively, possibly referencing 2/7 (February 7), the U.S. release of Revelations on the Nintendo 3DS
  • A footlocker can be seen bearing a resemblance of item chests throughout the series
  • Two decorative vases hold flowers resembling Stairway of the Sun flowers
  • An umbrella can be seen leaning between an end table and a man standing
  • A handprint, like those found in Revelations, can be found high on the wall next to a stick figure
  • A strange black mass is seen in the background as the little girl passes by a zombie (debatable)
  • A woman is seen holding a book with Itchy, tasty etched into it - referencing the line from the Keeper's Diary
  • The same man resembling Barry earlier in the trailer can be seen in military garb, speaking on a radio
  • The trailer ends depicting Claire and Moira surrounded by zombies


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