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The Darkside Chronicles is an on-rails shooter.[1] The player's partner is seen on screen during gameplay.[2] The player can use Green Herbs freely but the only time a First-Aid Spray can be used is only after the player is killed by an enemy. There is a new evade move to set The Darkside Chronicles apart from other on-rails shooters.[1] There were also changes to make the game more appealing to casual gamers. For example, head shots were made easier for players to perform[1] and a status screen was implemented.[3] The game automatically adjusts its difficulty, depending on the players' skill level.[2] Other new features include online leaderboards and a system to tell the players' reticules apart from each other in a co-op session.[3] The upgrade system has also been well expanded. You can now upgrade each aspect of your weapon from Power, Rate of Fire, Capacity, Reload Speed & Stopping Power. The handgun is now fully upgradeable as well. This added 'replayability' to the game, which was one of the creator's main aspects of Darkside Chronicles.

Tofu Mode

Tofu mode can only be unlocked if all scenarios are completed. The Tofu mode takes place in the same Raccoon streets map in the "Memories of a Lost City" scenario just backwards. The Tofu grows more difficult to kill the further you go into the scenario.


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