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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles's room configuration for some buildings are exact copies of Outbreaks, rather than main series (i.e. R.P.D. Car Park follows Outbreak's dimensions, not 2's even though this is which its based on). Also, locations such as the Apple Inn, J's Bar and a few other buildings from the Outbreak series are shown in the Resident Evil 3 sections.

The game itself plays in a similar fashion to other on-rails games like Time Crisis and House of the Dead, except unlike Time Crisis, there is no on-screen timer (although levels are timed and rank is affected by time of completion). Instead, you progress through levels in a fairly linear fashion, shooting (often, but not always) groups of zombies and other B.O.W.'s which pop up from various off and on-screen locations.

The levels are fully destructible and shooting items such as chairs, picture frames, vases will sometimes relinquish various items such as ammunition, herbs for healing or even a hidden file. The explosive red barrels from Resident Evil 3 make a return in a few levels and shooting them can result in the destruction of an enemy horde; the same goes for the abandoned cars in some sections of the game.

In each stage, there are sometimes multiple routes which you can take, which encourages players to replay the levels so that you find every file, and get a better rank.

The weaponry you find ranges from the humble handgun and the Samurai Edge right up to the almighty Handcannon and Anti-Tank Gun. Also, each weapon has the opportunity to be upgraded a level until it reaches Level 4 (Secret Upgrades at Level 5) and you earn points for upgrading weapons by finishing the stages. Points are earned throughout the level and are displayed at the end, based on your points and other factors such as "Critical Hits" and "Objects Destroyed" you will receive a rank (C, B, A, S). The more points you earn the more you can upgrade each weapon. At some points, you will need to press an Action Command (Similar to Resident Evil 4 & 5) to get out of a tight spot and/or survive. If not pressed correctly or not pressed at all, you may lose severe health or instantly die (there's one in every level (For example: Chris and Jill in the laser room).