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Resident Evil Uprising is a direct sequel to the mobile game Resident Evil: Genesis; an alternate take on some of the series' memorable events. Using the same engine as Genesis, the game environment is divided into isometric squares, much like the previous game. The movements and backgrounds are static, and players take control of Claire Redfield and Leon Scott Kennedy in a third person-perspective. The game is a reimagining of the classic Resident Evil 2. But unlike in Resident Evil 2, the main gameplay feature of Uprising is the partner zapping system, a gameplay element previously used in Resident Evil 0: instead of choosing either one of two characters at the beginning, there are two protagonists to be controlled throughout the entire game. The player may switch between Chris Redfield's sister, Claire Redfield or rookie police officer, Leon S. Kennedy. However, the difference is there is no A.I. to control the other character when the player is taking control of either Claire or Leon. The other character will simply stand still and do nothing. The player may separate them entirely to explore different areas separately. This, along with the protagonists unique abilities, is central to solving the games' puzzles. Unlike other Residen Evil games the player is not allowed to drop their items or store them in item boxes. But to compensate for this, the player has an unlimited inventory, and the two characters can exchange their items. At certain points in the game, the player will enter Combat Mode, where the character, instead of slowly walking is aiming their equipped gun and running. As the player shoots an enemy, a reticule will appear: a gray reticule means the enemy is out of range, a yellow reticule means the player can injure the enemy, and a red reticule means the player can land a one-shot-kill. Unlike Resident Evil 2, the game takes place entirely in the RPD, although there is mention of an Umbrella facility. There is also no Ada Wong mentioned in the game and the game is a condensed version of Resident Evil 2 featuring only the key events.