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Further notes

Differences from the Resident Evil 2

  • Claire and Leon meet in the Police Station instead of the diner.
  • Weapons are limited to a combat knife, two different handguns, a shotgun, and a grenade launcher which only has one type of round.
  • Enemies are limited to zombies and zombie dogs with a small g- parasite, a monster, a large acid spewing plant, and William as the only other monsters who serve as bosses.
  • William is only seen in his second mutated form throughout the game.
  • Side characters Ada Wong, Robert Kendo, and Marvin Branagh have been removed from the story.
  • Even though some characteristics of puzzles from the console version such as the chess plugs remain in the game, they are used in entirely different ways as well as there are a new assortment of unique puzzles present as well.
  • Entire areas such as the Raccoon City streets have been deleted from the game and one of the results is that now the tram does both jobs as transportation to the lab and as an escape vehicle.
  • Instead of the console's point and shoot fighting system, Uprising features a "gauge system" in which a player must press the action button when the gauge reaches but does not exceed a certain level. When done correctly, the enemy is damaged; when done incorrectly, the player misses. This method is comparable to the shooting system used in Resident Evil Gaiden.
  • You confront your first super zombie which is the same difficulty as shooting a tyrant but if using the shotgun takes care of it quickly
  • Checking Barry's desk will result in the finding of an easter egg: Jill Sandwich Recipe