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"This, a bloody tale of revenge.
これは、 血塗られた復讐の物語。
— Japanese tagline and translation

Resident Evil: Vendetta, known in Japan as BIOHAZARD VENDETTA, is an feature-length CG film developed by a cooperation of Capcom and Marza Animation Planet. The film's intended style, in departure from the previous two films, is to welcome in more fans of anime such as PSYCHO-PASS and live-action horror films rather than cater entirely to established fans of the games.


A Mexican Army team supervised by BSAA Captain Chris Redfield investigates a mansion linked to a B.O.W. smuggling operation, which is infested with zombies infected with a new viral strain. There he finds Glenn Arias, a black market dealer wanted by Interpol, but Arias gets away when the mansion explodes. He is soon joined by one of the BSAA's advisors, Dr. Rebecca Chambers, who begins developing drugs to combat the virus encountered in the mansion. The laboratory is attacked by one of Arias' accomplices at the end of her research, and Chris saves her from infection. Following the attack, they get the attention of DSO agent Leon S. Kennedy. Concluding Arias is involved in an upcoming terrorist attack they head out to New York to find him before it can take place.


The film was announced on October 15, 2015 in a mission statement on Marza Animation Planet's official website. It was referred to as a "reboot", though in regards to the staff being different from the first two, and not in terms of plot.[1] The official title was announced on March 25, 2016,[2] being formerly called "BIOHAZARD CG3".

Japanese filmmaker Takashi Shimizu served as the Executive Producer for the film. Shimizu is known for his directorship of such films as 2002's Ju-On: The Grudge and its 2004 American remake.

The film featured a promotional campaign, for Ducati Motor Handling, to feature their latest motorcycle, the XDiavel, which will be used by Leon in the climax of the film.[3]


Character English voice actor Japanese voice actor Motion capture
Chris Redfield Kevin Dorman Hiroki Touchi Reuben Langdon

[citation needed]

Leon Scott Kennedy Matthew Mercer Toshiyuki Morikawa Jason Faunt

[citation needed]

Rebecca Chambers Erin Cahill Ami Koshimizu Erin Cahill
Glenn Arias John DeMita Takuya Kirimoto TBA
Diego Gomez Fred Tatasciore Ryūzaburō Ōtomo TBA
Maria Gomez Cristina Vee Sayaka Ohara TBA
D.C. Arif S. Kinchen Hayato Fujii Dante Carver
Damian Arnie Pantoja Masaki Aizawa TBA
Nadia Kari Wahlgren Haruka Tomatsu TBA
Patricio Alex Polinksy TBA TBA
Aaron Jason Faunt TBA Jason Faunt
Cathy White Karen Strassman TBA TBA
Zack White Mary Elizabeth McGlynn TBA TBA
Patricio's wife Fryda Wolff TBA N/A
Patricio's daughter Unknown TBA N/A
Sarah Arias N/A N/A TBA
Captain Jason Hightower TBA TBA
Zombie Darin de Paul TBA TBA
Soldiers Orion Acaba

Brian T. Delaney
Tony Oliver
David Vincent

Additional voices Bridget Hoffman

Rif Hutton
Lex Lang
Misty Lee



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