Further notes


  • Anderson; Milla Jovovich; Michelle Rodriguez; Jeremy Bolt
  • Jeremy Bolt appears three times in the film.
  • Jason Isaacs was dragged back to do the voice of the narrator when it was decided the original narration by a member of staff wasn't good enough. His credit was forgotten.
  • Anderson experienced an elevator crash sometime before writing the film; this inspired the elevator scene at the beginning.
  • The elevator prop could only go up and down several feet. A breakaway floor was installed for the prop to protect actress Indra Ové if she were to hit her head.
  • Spence's letter appears differently when Alice sees it compared to the scene where he writes it.
  • The crows in the background when Alice walks outside the mansion are all CGI.
  • When "One" is first introduced looking down at Alice, he is actually played by Kaplan's actor Martin Crewes instead of Colin Salmon.
  • Michelle Rodriguez is a big fan of the franchise. Before pre-production of the film began, her agent agreed to inform her if a Resident Evil film was ever casting. Anderson insists that actors and staff were either fans of the series already (himself, Milla and Michelle) or encouraged to play.
  • Milla Jovovich describes her 'motivation' for doing the film as a present to her younger brother.
  • Only so many crates are made for the storage bay; they were moved around the set and then duplicated in CGI to make the room appear full. Thanks to the lighting, some props in the set are cardboard cutouts.
  • In the laser room scene, Milla jokes that One and Rain's characters should be cloned so they can appear in later films.
  • Anderson wrote in a number of Alice in Wonderland references for the film and encouraged the actors to learn their roles based on characters in the novels. It was made less blatant in later drafts, though the use of "Alice" entering the Hive (Wonderland) through the Looking Glass House is kept. Spence is the Cheshire Cat.
  • The Red Queen's voice was briefly replaced with an American actress when people complained they couldn't understand Michaela Dicker.
  • Most of the Zombies were professional dancers who went through a boot camp to get a proper zombie walk.
  • Jeremy Bolt had appeared in several other Anderson works, but was repeatedly cut out of scenes. This film was the first time he made a theatrical appearance.
  • The Zombie screen carrying an ax early on was able to dislocate his foot to give an appropriate walk.
  • Because he played several Zombies, Jeremy shaved his hair and got fitter so his characters would look distinct.
  • In the fist Zombie fight scene, the stunt man for the burning zombie was set alight some 25 times to get the scene right.
  • Jeremy Bolt's three different Zombies appear in the first Zombie fight scene. He is killed twice by the Sanitation Team, and is later one of the Zombies which bites J.D.
  • One of the stun coordinators, James Butler, plays the security guard Zombie Alice kicks when escaping from the Zombie Dog.
  • The slow motion shot of Alice first firing a handgun at the Dogs and focusing on the "Umbrella"-branded bullet was going to be cut out of the film.
  • Anderson points out that Lisa Addison is killed by an "Alice in Wonderland" paperweight.
  • The Licker and Dog sounds were created by the sound team after playing the games. In the case of the latter, the footsteps are heard before the dogs as happens in the games.
  • To create the odd sounds near the Red Queen's chamber when being re-activated, wind was blown into the carcasses of chickens.
  • During the recording of the utility tunnel scene, Milla accidentally punched Anderson in the face.
  • Jeremy Bolt's girlfriend appears as a Zombie biting Kaplan's arm in the tunnels. Anderson invited her to the shoot when Bolt wanted more diverse undead, but was disappointed to find her looking like all the other Zombies.
  • In the scene where Alice jumps from a falling pipe into Matt's eyes, Alice wasn't allowed to perform the stunt. This was because of the risk the wires would wrap around her neck when released.
  • Joseph May's character, Dr. Blue, re-appears in the utility tunnels and tries to climb up to where Kaplan is, forcing his escape.
  • Anderson's sister appears twice in the film, the latter instance as the Zombie that bites Spence.
  • The six-second scene where the Licker kills Spence took up much of the post-production time, taking 48 hours to render a single frame.
  • When recording the scene where Alice is attacked by the zombie Spence, she actually hit him in the head with the prop ax. He screamed at her, and Anderson later received a complaint from his agent.