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Further notes

The Resident Evil film license was put up for sale in late 1996 following the success of the original game. It was bought by Constantin Film, a German film company who's President at the time was famous in Japan as the director of The Neverending Story. Film production was supervised by Yoshiki Okamoto, who also supervised the first three Resident Evil games.

Writing Edit

The film went through several scripts and writers owing to problems Capcom and Constantin had both with each other and their writers' visions.

McElroy script Edit

The earliest script was written by Alan B. McElroy, known for writing Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. The script was a retelling of the original game, though - as PlayStation Magazine noted in 1999 - there was a lack of mention of Umbrella and S.T.A.R.S..

The film begins with a SWAT team being destroyed in Raccoon Forest while investigating a series of killings. The US government learns of this incident and realises its laboratory in the forest has been compromised. Releasing the mentally-ill Wesker from a hospital, they form a team of ex-military personnel: Barry; Chris; Jill and Mike, the latter of whom is impersonating the medic Brad in order to investigate the disappearance of his girlfriend, Becky. The team fights its way into the facility, where they meet a surviving researcher and discover the monsters they have fought are infected with a virus. While in the lab they discover their mission was all part of a plot to spread the virus across the world. The team searches for medicines to cure the infections before they unwittingly infect others; Wesker transforms into a Tyrant-like creature due to his infection and has to be defeated as the lab explodes. Chris and Jill, the survivors, take the cure away from the forest with them.

Second script Edit

McElroy's script became unpopular in the studio and the project was revamped. A second script was written, either by McElroy or Kevin Williamson, rumoured to have been attached to the project as McElroy's replacement. The new script was set in the near-future in a world where the Umbrella Corporation's pharmaceutical expertise has helped them cure all - or virtually-all - disease. At risk of losing business, they engineer the T-virus as a means of extorting money. The virus is leaked - either accidentally or intentionally - into the American town Raccoon City from a lab, prompting a mission to retrieve the cure. Faced with further script problems, the writer was removed.

Romero script Edit

Following the second script, writer-director George A. Romero was brought into the project as a writer for director George Sluizer. Having previously directed the BIOHAZARD 2 TV-CM in September 1997, he was seen as write for the job. With Sluizer departing, Romero was also given the role of director.

Romero sent in several drafts from late 1998, but were all rejected on creative grounds. Romero was removed as script writer. Soon after, it was decided he would be replaced as director as well, the studio wanting a complete restart of the project. Romero did not receive a confirmation of his suspension.

Anderson script Edit

In 1999 Paul W.S. Anderson was hired as the new writer, having written the largely-successful Mortal Kombat film several years earlier. The early drafts were written in 2000 under the title Resident Evil: Ground Zero.[1] In these versions of the film script, Anderson wrote a larger role for the Umbrella Corporation. White Queen, ultimately appearing in Extinction, was to shut down Red Queen in an unseen computer war as Umbrella tries to retake control of the Hive prior to the Sanitation team's arrival at the Looking Glass House. The film's ending was to end in Alice and Matt being abducted by Umbrella and waking up in a Raccoon City hospital some weeks later, discovering the T-virus had spread out and infested the United States. The final shots were for Alice and Matt to drive out to the ruined New York City, setting up the scene for Resident Evil: Execution.

In the weeks after the 9/11 attacks, the remains of 1 and 2WTC became known by "Ground Zero", likely the reason the film's name was officially changed in October 2001.[2] This prompted a change in the planning for the sequel; rather than take place in New York it was decided any possible sequel would not take place there, ultimately resulting in Resident Evil: Apocalypse fitting in-between the first film and Extinction. Consequently the later scenes of the film were rewritten so Alice and Matt would be infected and taken away by Umbrella for experimentation, with Alice waking up a day later to a ruined Raccoon City.

Casting Edit

Casting took place in both the United Kingdom and United States, led by Suzanne Smith and Robyn Ray, respectively.[3] Around October 2000, Robyn Ray made calls to a number of New York-based casting agencies looking for actors for the characters Alice; Matt; One; Twelve; J.D.; Spence and Rain.[4] Suzanne Smith, it is assumed, was tasked with finding actors for the other characters.

The main actors were told to prepare for the film by getting copies of the games and playing them through. Some of them didn't know if they could complete them in time so they had to get video copies of other people beating the games and then watch it.[citation needed]

Filming Edit

Filming took place in Berlin.


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