Translation errors
Further notes

Below is a list of translation errors made during the localization of Resident Evil 2, and changes to the plot.

Error identification 'Key'

Spelling Wrong conclusion Missing information Additional information Original storyline Original continuity

  • Spelling - A localization error where words (or more specifically, character names) have been spelt incorrectly
  • Wrong conclusion - A quick re-write by the localization team has led to an incorrect description of events via skim-reading, such as indicating someone to be alive when the script says "deceased", or simply describing something incorrectly.
  • Missing information - Content has been noticeably removed from the source, perhaps even an entire paragraph.
  • Additional information - The localization team has decided to "add fat" by adding in new sentences.
  • Original storyline - Completely original content has been added, perhaps replacing the file's intended content. An example of this is "R. Lambert", a character created by the localization team for Resident Evil 2.
  • Original continuity - A change has been made so that the file's content runs in continuity with a change made in another file (perhaps in another game). An example of this is subsequent replacements of "Sterilization Operation" with "Operation: Bacillus Terminate" to tie-in with the arbitrary translation of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis' pre-credits ending.



Error code File What is says What it should say Why was it wrong?
Chief's diary Ed was shot in the back. Edward was shot in the back. The localization shortened the officer's original name. This change carried over to Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.
City pamphlet The pamphlet is listed as "City Guide No. 12". The original script is just listed as a "City Guide". The localization suggests that there are a number of guides like this, which wasn't mentioned in the original script
Dario's Note The file is titled, "Dario's Note". It should be titled, "Testament of the great novelist". The same file is named "Dario's Memo" in the localization of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. The name in Resident Evil 2 was likely changed to reflect this.
Film B The film is attributed to "R. Lambert". It is originally attributed to Ben Bertolucci. An entire character has been created by the localization team for no apparent reason.
Film D The file's description says "RECRUIT". Instead, it should read "Expected new face". The entire content has been replaced, though the description means the same thing.
Mail to the chief Birkin is unsure as to how many of Umbrella's agents are after his research. He estimates a team of 2-3 to be in the city before admitting that he isn't sure.
Mother Virus Report Dr. J. Marcus. Dr. James Marcus. The original scripts lists Marcus' full name, while the localization shortens his first name to its initial.
Rebecca's Report An MP vehicle was found in the Arklay Mountains. The vehicle was found ablaze. The localization skimmed over the Kanji that expressed the fire.
Rebecca's Report Billy Coen is an Ensign serving in the US Navy. He is a Second Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps. The Kanji Shōi (少尉?) is used to represent both Naval Ensigns and the Marine rank of Second Lieutenant.
Rebecca's Report The following day, the bodies were missing and could not be found. The bodies may have gone missing due to reanimation from the t-Virus. Rebecca's zombie theory was completely removed from the localization.
Rookie files The water tank on the roof has ruptured in the past. The localization added an additional hint to help players solve the first Valve Handle puzzle, which was absent from the original script.
Secretary's diary A The Chief's art pieces were believed to be literally worth "hundreds of thousands of dollars". The phrase in the Japanese script - 何百万、何千万も (Nan hyaku man, nan sen man mo?) - instead indicates the secretary's evaluation as being in the "tens of millions". The English version indicated that the art pieces were much cheaper compared to the Japanese version.
Secretary's diary A I wasn't surprised to see the chief come in today with yet another large picture frame in his hands. This time it was a really disturbing painting depicting a nude person being hanged. I was appalled by the expression on the chief's face as he leered at that painting. Why anyone would consider something like that to be a work of art is beyond my comprehension... As usual, the chief came back holding a large frame. This picture was a vulgar display in which a stark-naked woman is hung. The chief stared at the picture joyfully. Where on earth is the artistry in such a picture? The Japanese version specifically identifies the gender of the hung person as female, while the localization leaves the gender ambiguous.
Secretary's diary B The Gamecube version of the game is missing a blank page. In other versions of the game, the final page of the article is blank to suggest that the secretary did not have time to write their final entry. The page was removed from the localization of the Gamecube port.
Sewer manager fax Angelica Margaret is the sewer facility's Chief of Maintenance, who only works twice a month to check equipment. Angelica is an external Umbrella employee hired to maintain research equipment. It assumes that Angelica works here, ignoring that Umbrella USA's Chicago employees are also scheduled to visit.
Watchman's diary The diary belongs to the watchman. The diary belongs to the police officer, George. In the original script, the file is actually named "George's Diary". The localization replaced his name with his occupation.
Watchman's diary Thomas works in the scrap yard behind the Raccoon City Police Department. Thomas works at a waste disposal center behind the precinct. During localization, Thomas' job title was changed. The original script never suggests the existence of a scrap yard.


Speaker Localized line Original line (if mistranslation) Why was it wrong?
Brian Irons "In case you haven't already figured it out,...the monster that's been tearing my precinct apart is yet another product, of the G-Virus...the ultimate bio weapon!" Chief Irons is supposed to be talking about a "G", William Birkin, running amok around the police station. However, the localiser added in the term "ultimate bio weapon", which is exclusive to the Tyrant.