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Resident Evil 2 was heavily-promoted by Capcom in the lead-up to its initial release in February 1998, continuing with a second set of promotions for the Japan's BIOHAZARD 2 DUALSHOCK VER. re-release.

Trailers Edit

The original TV trailer for BIOHAZARD 2 was directed by American horror movie director George A. Romero, who popularised the Zombie Horror genre in the 1960s. A live-action commercial featuring Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield encountering Zombies in the Raccoon City Police Department, the trailer was only available for advertisement in Japan due to copyright issues.

A series of shorts were also commissioned to advertise the DualShock re-release in Japan. They would introduce the audience to a typical setting in what is assumed to be Raccoon City - a gym; greasy spoon or construction yard - and then introduce a Zombie employee or customer.

BIOHAZARD 2 Value Plus, the Dreamcast port of the game, was given a limited advertising space on Fuji TV and ABC in December 1999.[1]

Kanto: CX (Fuji TV) Program Timestamp
December 22 「笑う子犬の生活PART4」 25:00〜26:45  
December 29 「F1 GP総集編」 24:30〜27:00
December 29 Cocorico Wide Show (ワイドショー) 24:00〜25:00
December 29 LIVE! bird tour 1999 25:00〜26:00
December 30 「爆笑問題の大ウソ 10大ニュース」 24:00〜25:00
Kansai: ABC (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
December 23 「ぷらちなロンブーSP」 24:09〜25:09  
December 25 "Your Neptune!" (『おネプ!』) 24:40〜25:10  


Two albums containing music from the game were released in January and August 1998, respectively.[2][3] The first, BIOHAZARD 2 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK, is the main release and includes most of the significant compositions.[4] The second, BIOHAZARD 2 COMPLETE TRACK, largely encompasses less prevalent themes, but offers an orchestral medley and a second CD with sound effects and voice collections, as well as an interview with the sound staff.[5] BIOHAZARD 2 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK received an identical European CD titled Resident Evil 2 Original Soundtrack. In the North American album of the same name, the opening theme "The Beginning Of Story" is split up into four individual tracks.[4] Five orchestral arrangements of the game's music were included on the Bio Hazard Orchestra Album, a recording of a live concert performed by the New Japan Philharmonic.[6] Disc jockey Piston Nishizawa created electronic remixes for several of the compositions, which were later released as the album Biohazard 2 Remix: Metamorphoses.[7]

Sources Edit

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