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Further notes
  • The Resident Evil 2 title screen features a giant eye. This is that of William Birkin, also known as "G".[1] In the 1.5 version of the game, the eye is merely generic in nature.[2]
  • According to Kamiya, the original version of Resident Evil 2 was considered to be of a quality below expectations of the development team's abilities. Kamiya felt that the game was still, however, comparable to other "common games", though the fact that it was intended to be unique meant that being vanilla was unacceptable.[3]


  1. Kamiya, Hideki (2012-09-13). Twitter feed. Twitter. “G "Uh....." RT @TheRealMrox2: i always wondered who's eye was on the title screen of RE2 , is it Birkin or Alligator /Giant Crocodile ?”
  2. Kamiya, Hideki (2012-09-12). Twitter feed. Twitter. “1.5's eye is just nothing. RT @ChrisSm20210629: I think 1.5 showed the eyeball on G-Birkin's face and 2 showed the eye on his arm.”
  3. Kamiya, Hideki (2012-08-07). Twitter feed. Twitter. “It was shit like other common games. RT @PauloRildson Biohazard1.5 it rlly was bad enough 2 restart it's project? 'cuz it looks just perfect”

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