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Following the release of the original PlayStation edition Resident Evil 2 in January 1998, Tiger Electronics released a sprite-based 2.5D version for their handheld in late 1998. It included only Leon Kennedy's story path, and removed several of the original game's core features.

Having been developed for a woefully under-powered console, it lacks much of what defined the original game. It can be seen as attempting to boil Resident Evil 2 down to its bare essentials: Killing zombies and collecting items. However, with the poor framerate and lack of visual fidelity afforded by the, it fails even in this regard. Despite this, it is known as one of the best games for the Tiger

In the history of the franchise, it is the first game to be rated "T" for Teen by the ESRB, as opposed to the more typical "M" for Mature. This rating can be attributed to the's inability to render the same level of graphic violence as the original game.


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