Resident Evil 2 is a file unlocked in Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition.


Through the efforts of the Alpha Team, particularly Chris and Jill...

The nightmarish incident is able to be put to rest. However...

September 29, 1998
Raccoon City, a town nestled in the American Midwest.

The town is sustained by a huge pharmaceutical company, which has been the center of rumors and gossip for the past 2 months.

Nothing is known of the goings-on at the pharmaceutical company, Umbrella.

Chris' sister, Claire, worried about her brother, travels to Raccoon City to find about her brother's whereabouts.

It has been two months since the RPD lost contact with Chris. Just what exactly happened?

Did it have something to do with the mysterious rumors circling around the city?

Going with the feeling in her gut, Claire hops on her motorcycle and heads for Raccoon City.

At the same time, on a moonlit bathed highway, a car races towards Raccoon City.

Leon S. Kennedy. The newest member of Raccoon City's police force.

Despite being late for his first day on the job, Leon drives to his new post without a care in the world.

Yet, neither he nor Claire is aware of the overwhelming horror and despair that awaits them on their arrival in the city.

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