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"Raccoon City was once a quiet and peaceful mid-western town. New industry helped the town to thrive and the people were content. Each day passed much like the last and the townsfolk lived secure from the perils of the world around them. Then Umbrella Chemical Corp. arrived.

Soon after the trouble began.

Rumors started to circulate about chilling apparitions appearing in the vast woodlands that surround Raccoon City. Screams would tear through the night and a nice trusting people began to lock their doors. Eventually police began to disappear and the townsfolk became suspicious and edgy. The best they could do was increase their police force ad attempt to discover the evil that was assailing their town.

Little known to the population of Raccoon City, Umbrella was conducting experiments in secluded laboratories. New and exotic viral strains were being developed with devastating effect. In the end, not even Umbrella fully understood the horror they would unleash on the population of Raccoon City.

Enter Leon Kennedy, a new police recruit on his way to Raccoon City. Called to service to help combat the growing unease, he is young and ager to do his civic duty.

With some last minute questions, he has repeatedly tried to contact the police captain who hired him. His attempts to contact the captain go unanswered. The town has gone silent. Undaunted, he heads unknowingly for Raccoon City and the horror that awaits him there."
— Game manual