*Stage Direction*

Narrator: A bizarre incident occurred in the outskirts of an American suburb called Raccoon City. It was later revealed that the terrible disaster had been caused by the T-Virus, a mutagenic toxin created by the international corporation Umbrella incorporated. The Raccoon police department special S.T.A.R.S Unit began an immediate investigation. The case was apparently closed thanks to the efforts of S.T.A.R.S members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. But the umbrella corporation's experiments were far from finished.

Scene 1

I'm finally here.

  • A Man falls through a window outside a gas station. He collapses to the floor only to rise again with an unearthly groan...*
  • A Truck Driver enters his cab at the gas station. He's clutching his arm which is crimson with blood.*

Truck Driver: That guys a maniac! Why'd he bite me?

  • Claire enters the cafe, its seemingly deserted.*

Hello? Is Anyone here? Hello.

  • Towards the back of the Cafe, there are some strange slurping noises. Claire approaches and sees a man leaning over something.*


  • The man turns around. Its not a man, its a Zombie. It groans and grins at Claire, attracted by the scent of living flesh. Claire shrieks as it slowly staggers towards her.*

Look, I'm sorry I bothered you okay? Just don't come any closer!

  • The Zombie continues to approach Claire.*

Are you listening!?

  • Claire backs towards the front door. She spins around to see two Zombies pressed up against the door, groaning. Claire shrieks and runs to the back door*
  • Claire bursts the door open. Facing her is a cop, Leon Kennedy, pointing his sidearm right at Claire.She shrieks when she sees Leon pointing his gun at her and puts her hands up*

Wait, don't shoot!

Get down!

  • Leon fires into the Zombies forehead, piercing its skull. It collapses to

the floor, blood oozing from its body. Leon hands his arm to the Claire.*

We can't stay out here, get to the police station, it'll be a lot safer.

  • Our two heroes head out into the street where more zombies are converging.

They spot an abandoned Police Car in the road.*


  • Leon and Claire run toward the police car and enter it. Leon gets into the driver's seat and is surprised to find the keys.*

Let's buckle up.

  • The police car passes several zombies who are roaming the streets. Leon is trying to get the Radio in the police car to work.*

What's going on? I arrived in town and the whole place went insane...

Great the Radio's out!

You're a cop, right?

Yeah, First day on the job. Great, huh? Names Leon Kennedy, nice to meet you.

Mine's Claire. Claire Redfield. I came to find my brother Chris.

After Leon swerves to speed round a corner, a large tanker truck is coming up behind them.

hey could you open the glove box?


  • Claire opens it*

There's a gun inside.

Better take it with you.

They are interrupted suddenly by a ZOMBIE who is in the backseat! It attacks, grappling at Leon and Claire from the back. Leon struggle for control of the car, hitting buildings and stationary vehicles.


Look out!

Leon crashes, the back of the car hitting a pole. The zombie flies out the window and gets crushed against the pole.

Are you okay?

Still in one piece.

Leon and Claire look out of the window and see the Tanker Truck is speeding toward them.

That maniac's gonna ram us!

The driver is by now completely zombified. Leon and Claire exit the car as the Tanker hits it causing a massive explosion. Both heroes are separated by a large fire.



I'm okay! Head to the station I'll meet you there.

Scene 2

  • Claire ascends the staircase to get to the heliport. She hears a helicopter.*
  • An officer gestures to the helicopter frantically.*

Cop: Hey! Get over here, hurry!

Pilot: I can't set her down, I'll drop you a rope ladder!

  • The rope ladder swings down just out of reach.*

Cop: C'mon, just a little more!

  • As the officer reaches for the ladder, he hasn't noticed that several Zombies are right behind him.*
  • The Zombie bites the cop.*

Cop: Get off me!

The cop manages to back himself into a corner and opens fire on the Zombies.

Cop: Stay back, don't come any closer!

  • The MP5 misses*

Cop: Stay back!

  • The Zombies kill him*
  • His MP5 goes off and kills the Pilot*
  • The Helicopter crashes on top of the Station*

Scene 3


Good to see your still among the living. It looks like we're not going to find your brother here after all.

  • Leon hands Claire, Chris's Diary.*

There's no reason for us to stay any longer than we have to. Let's split up look for any survivors and get out of here.


One last thing, here's a radio. Take it. That way we can keep in touch if anything happens.

leaves the S.T.A.R.S office and as she does, she sees a little girl being menaced by a Zombie.

Help me!

  • The girl runs from the Zombie as Claire rushes after her.*

Scene 4

Oh, I'm terribly sorry... I thought you were another one of those Zombies.

Are you Chief Irons?

Yes, that's me. And just who are you... no don't bother telling me. It makes no difference, you'll end up just like all the others.

That's the Mayor's daughter. I was told to look after her, but I failed... miserably. Just look at her... she was a true beauty, her skin nothing short of perfection.

  • Irons pauses.*

But, it will soon putrefy and she will turn into a Zombie within the hour like all the others!

There must be some way to stop it!

In a manner of speaking there is, either by putting a bullet through her brain...or by decapitating her completely.

And to think that taxidermy used to be my hobby...

But no longer! Please, I'd really like to be alone now.

Scene 5


Let me go!

Easy, easy there I'm not a Zombie! Your safe now.

Sherry hugs Claire and starts crying.

My names Claire, what's yours?


Do you know where your parents are?

They both work at the Umbrella Chemical Plant, near the City limits.

The chemical plant? Then what are you doing here?

My mom called and told me to go to the Police Station because it was too dangerous to stay at home.

By the look of things I'd say she was probably right, but its dangerous here as well. You're better off coming with me.

But there's something out there...I don't know what it is, but I saw it! Much larger than any of those Zombies and its coming after me!


What was that?

That's what I was telling you about, its here!

  • Sherry runs away.*

Sherry, wait!

Scene 6