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Further notes
Name Department Position/responsibility
Yasuhisa Kawamura Planning Scenario
Akira Kokushou Planning Event Planning
Wakako Nammo Planning Event Planning
Tetsuro Oyama Planning Acting
Kotaro Nishio Planning Schedule Manager
Hiroyuki Kobayashi Planning Support
Miho Hamano Graphics Background Creator Chief
Hiroshi Shibata Graphics Background Creator Chief
Muneyuki Kotegawa Graphics Background Image Design
Hiroki Ohnishi Graphics Background Creator
Hirokazu Yonezuka Graphics Background Creator
Hiroyuki Imahori Graphics Background Creator
Hiroshi Sugiyama Graphics Background Creator
Naoki Katakai Graphics Background Creator
Yuki Kurayashi Graphics Background Creator
Naoto Ishii Graphics Background Creator
Koichiro Hara Graphics Background Creator
Takahito Washisaka Graphics Background Creator
Takuo Yamamoto Graphics Background Creator
Takuhiko Kawashita Graphics Background Creator
Yasuhiro Hirata Graphics Background Creator
Junko Gotoh Graphics Background Creator
Masachika Kawata Graphics Background Creator
Yusuke Kan Graphics Background Creator
Toshiya Kotani Graphics Background Creator
Koichi Hidaka Graphics Background Creator
Koichi Minami Graphics Background Creator
Naohiro Yamada Graphics Background Creator
Chie Nishida Graphics Background Creator
Kenichirou Yoshimura Graphics Interface Design
Kaoru Araki Graphics Interface Design
Kenichi Ueda Graphics Character Creator Chief
Masaki Yamanaka Graphics Character Creator
Tomoaki Sugeno Graphics Character Creator
Shinji Utsonomiya Graphics Character Creator
Kumiko Suekane Graphics Character Creator
Akiko Shibata Graphics Character Creator
Masateru Nakao Graphics Character Creator
Yoshinori Matsushita Graphics Creature Design
Yusuke Hashimoto Graphics Effect Design
Kiyohiko Sakata Software Program Chief
Tomohiro Akizuki Software Scenario Program
Akihiro Shimamori Software Scenario Program
Kazunori Inoue Software Scenario Program
Akira Kazaoka Software Scenario Program
Nao Ueda Software Scenario Program
Katsutoshi Karatsuma Software Enemy Program
Mitsuo Okamoto Software Enemy Program
Hideaki Motozuka Software Sound Program
Takaki Yamanouchi Software Effect Program
Masami Ueda Sound Music Composition Chief
Saori Maeda Sound Music Composition
Wataru Hama Sound Sound Design Chief
Tomoyuki Kawakami Sound Sound Design
Tsutomi Torii CG Movie Producer
Tetsuto Koyama CG Movie Production Runner
Hiroshi Sasaki CG Movie Director/Editor
Rica Fujimoto CG Movie Computer Graphic Designer
Novko Oino CG Movie Computer Graphic Designer
Shigeharu Shimada CG Movie Computer Graphic Designer
Kiyoshi Shigenama CG Movie Computer Graphic Designer
Kozo Takayama CG Movie Computer Graphic Designer
Yoshiyuki Tonoe CG Movie Computer Graphic Designer
Kayoko Inomoto CG Movie Computer Graphic Designer
Yutaka Nishikawa CG Movie Computer Graphic Designer
Koju Takenaka CG Movie Computer Graphic Designer
Kumiko Murata CG Movie Computer Graphic Designer
Shunichi Shirai CG Movie Computer Graphic Designer
Takahiro Onishi CG Movie Computer Graphic Designer
Mari Yamamoto CG Movie Computer Graphic Designer
Masashi Imanaka CG Movie Technical Support
Takayuki Yamada CG Movie Texture Designer
Azumi Nishimura CG Movie Texture Designer
Makoto Nishibori CG Movie Texture Designer
Hiroyuki Kusukawa CG Movie Texture Designer
Hakuei Yamamoto CG Movie Texture Designer
Takefumi Hirayama CG Movie Sound Mixer
Kazuya Hiratsuka CG Movie Sound Mixer
Kazuhide Yamamoto CG Movie Motion Actor
Rica Maenami CG Movie Motion Actor
Catherine Disher Recording Cast Jill
Vince Corazza Recording Cast Carlos
Ben Campbell Recording Cast Mikhail
Roger Honeywell Recording Cast Nikolai

Evan Sabba

Recording Cast Brad
Peter Windrem Recording Cast Tyrell
Richard Clarkin Recording Cast Murphy
Tony Rosato Recording Cast Dario
Paul Shubat Recording Cast Record Engineer
Ian Rodness Recording Cast Assistant Record Engineer
Susan Hart Recording Cast Producer
Erik Suzuki Recording Cast Voice Director
Tom Shiraiwa English Script Translation
Abu Takemura English Script Translation
Miki Takano English Script Translation
Makoto Tsuchibayashi Special Thanks Technical Cooperate
Masao Sukarai Special Thanks Technical Cooperate
Saori Bando Special Thanks Technical Cooperate
Satomi Tsubota Special Thanks Technical Cooperate
Kazuya Takimoto Special Thanks Music Mastering
Noriko Ando Special Thanks Sound Design Cooperate
Takashi Uno Special Thanks Sound Design Cooperate
Motoji Fujita Special Thanks Sound Design Cooperate
Naoto Satou Special Thanks Sound Design Cooperate
Shigeomi Okaura Special Thanks Opening Illustration
Masako Honma Publicity N/A
Keiichi Baba Publicity N/A
Miduho Toyonaga Publicity N/A
Yoshiki Okamoto Support Company Supervisor
Noritaka Funamizu Support Company General Producer
Shinji Mikami Support Company Producer
Kazuhiro Aoyama Support Company Director

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