Resident Evil 3 is a file unlocked in Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition.


September 28, 1998

Raccoon City welcomes the beginning of autumn.

Having buried that dark memory, people go about their daily routines.

The dark memory of the strange incidents that occurred in the Arklay Mountains.

The annihilation of the S.T.A.R.S. team was also erased from memory.

The citizens of the city do not believe the words of the survivors.

That Umbrella was using the mansion as a laboratory to construct biological weapons.

That humans and animals were being transformed into monsters by the T-virus.

Having survived the events of the mansion, Chris Redfield, travels to Europe to expose Umbrella and its evil deeds.

At the same time, a strange incident develops in Raccoon City.

Strange murders start to occur, and a strange illness befalls many citizens. The T-virus is spreading...

Investigating the city, Jill finds herself surrounded by zombies, and looking for a way out.

However, Umbrella has sent out a "nemesis" to hunt down Jill as she tries to escape.

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