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Resident Evil 4 Digital Archives Front Page

Cover page of the Archive.

Resident Evil 4 Digital Archives is a special bonus Art book PDF included with the Ultimate HD Edition of Resident Evil 4 on PC (Steam). It includes written story with cut-scene screens, character profiles and renders, creature, item and scenery concept arts, scenario boards and epilogues. It includes content from the Resident Evil 4 section from Resident Evil Archives II and is available in source (image and text) high-quality resolution.

The Archive contains four sections:

  1. Story: This section gives a brief overview of the story of the game with cutscene images and written summary. It is split into 5 chapters and an Epilogue section explaining the ending.
  2. Character: Information and bio about the characters and high resolution (background less) renders of the characters (which can be exported in native format)
  3. Creature: All about the creatures found in the game.
  4. Visual Work: This part includes interesting concepts and artworks of the characters, items, scenery and creatures; some of them which never made it into the final game.

Further NotesEdit

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