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Further notes
Name Department Position/responsibility Employer
Takeuchi, Jun Producer
Kawata, Masachika Co-Producer
Anpo, Yasuhiro Production Director
Ueda, Kenichi Concept Director
Kadono, Majoto Production Manager
Taoka, Jiro Game Design Lead Designer
Kakae, Koji Game Design Designer
Goda, Hidehiro Game Design Designer
Kadoi, Kazunori Game Design Designer
Nakanishi, Koushi Game Design Designer
Yamata, Hiroyuki Game Design Designer
Okada, Koichi Game Design Designer
Moine-Maeda, Hideaki
Jean-Christophe Sinclair
Game Design Designer
Moritsugu, Masaki Game Design Designer
Sagara, Yusuke Game Design Designer
Igarashi, Yotaro Game Design Designer
Endo, Teruki Game Design Designer
Ikuta, Shinya Game Design Game Design Supervisor
Ueda, Kenichi Script Story Writer
Murata, Haruo Script Scenario Writer
Hirabayashi, Yoshiaki Script Scenario Writer
Takenaka, Tsukasa Script Story Background and Files
Seta, Soki Programming Lead Programmer
Sometani, Katsuhiko Programming Programmer
Ibana, Hiroshi Programming Programmer
"Kobuta" Programming Programmer
Matsuda, Kohetsu Programming Programmer
Kodama, Youichi Programming Programmer
Kadono, Makoto Programming Programmer
Yamanouchi, Takaaki Programming Programmer
Ueda, Mikio Programming Programmer
Hashimoto, Naoki Programming Programmer
Yamamoto, Takahiro Programming Programmer
Yonezawa, Toshiaki Programming Programmer
Ooi Yuuki Programming Programmer
Nonaka, Daisuke Programming Programmer
Hori, Yasutaka Programming Programmer
Sakakibara, Kazuki Programming Programmer
Yoshinaga, Takumi Programming Programmer
Ishida, Tomofumi MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Sawada, Yasuhide MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Ueda, Tomohiro MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Oida, Katsunori MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Hasunuma, Unamuji MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Umezu, Takayuki MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Kitamura, Makoto MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Yahagi, Taro MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Terahata, Shingo MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Komori, Shigenobu MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Niino, Shigeki MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Okubo, Masasi MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Tada, Hiroshi MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Ozeki, Junji MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Korematsu, Masaaki MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Takahashi, Akiyoshi MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Matsumiya, Masatoshi MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Rahadi, Stefanus MT Framework Development Team Programmer
Taki, Takami MT Framework Development Team Technical Manager
Ijuin, Masaru MT Framework Development Team Product Manager
Mikami Yoji Network Support Programmer
Misu, Koji Network Support Programmer
Nakae, Tatsuya Network Support Adviser
Hori, Yoshizumi Art Production Lead Designer
Katayama, Toshiko Art Production Designer
Kamiji, Akio Art Production Designer
Nishibori, Atsushi Art Production Designer
Arikawa, Toru Art Production Designer
Suzuki, Kenichi Art Production Designer
Nagano, Kouji Art Production Designer
Yokoyama, Akiko Art Production Designer
Mikami, Shinji Art Production Designer
Shibasaki, Tetsuya Art Production Designer
Orita, Hirofumi Art Production Designer
Tachiki, Kentarou Art Production Designer
Teraoka, Hiroto Art Production Designer
Takahashi, Tomoko Art Production Designer
Hashimoto, Hiroshi Art Production Designer
Ishii, Naoto Art Production Designer
Ago, Tomohiro Art Production Designer
Tanaka, Makoto Art Production Designer
Takeda, Manabu Art Production Designer
Sueyoshi, Hidesato Art Production Designer
Kawata, Syuichi Art Production Stage Lighting Designer
Yoshitomi, Naotaka Art Production Stage Lighting Designer
Ota, Keiichi Art Production Designer
Kanda, Hiroaki Art Production Designer
Horiuchi, Syouzou Art Production Designer
Fukui, Makoto Character Modeling Lead Modeler
Takamatsu, Satoshi Character Modeling Modeler
Matsushita, Yoshinori Character Modeling Modeler
Yamagata, Yosuke Character Modeling Modeler
Akimoto, Yuichi Character Modeling Modeler
Kawade, Tsutomu Character Modeling Modeler
Yishikawa, Takashi Character Modeling Modeler
Hakuei Character Modeling Modeler
Satou, Fuminori Character Modeling Modeler
Takano, Tomonori Character Modeling Modeler
Ikawa, Jun Character Modeling Modeler
Mizuno, Takahiro Character Modeling Modeler
Matsushita, Yoshinori Character Modeling Character Designer
Deguchi, Tetsuya Character Modeling Designer
Tanizawa, Junichi Character Modeling Designer
Satim Ryouichi Character Modeling Advisor
Seike, Yukio Motion Chief Animator
Satou, Keiichi Motion Animator
Yanagimoto, Keiichi Motion Animator
Tamura, Yoshihiro Motion Animator
Ueda, Kenichi Motion Animator
Tsuru, Hiroki Motion Animator
Maeda, Masayuki Motion Animator
Taniguchi, Naohiro Motion Animator
Abe, Mitsuo Motion Action Coordinator
Iwamoto, Junya Motion Motion Actor
Nakano, Kenichiro Motion Motion Actor
Kumada, Yayoi Motion Motion Actor
Miyaki, Yoshio Motion Action Support
Yamamoto, Kohji Visual Effects Lead Designer
Watamura, Kousi Visual Effects Designer
Ogawa, Yuka Visual Effects Designer
Doi, Megumi Visual Effects Designer
Adachi, Yoshiki Visual Effects Designer
Seto, Shinji Visual Effects Designer
Ando, Keisuke Visual Effects Designer
Yamamoto, Kohji Interface Design Lead Designer
Shimoda, Yasuko Interface Design Designer
Wada, Shinya Interface Design Designer
Nakadai, Yuko Interface Design Designer
Kitagawa, Megumi Interface Design Designer
Sonzero, Jim Cinematics Director
Ohashi, Toshio Cinematics Director Polygon Pictures, Inc.
Hirabayashi, Yoshiaki Cinematics Cinematics Supervisor
Takenaka, Tsukasa Cinematics Production Coordinator
Tonoe, Yoshiyuki Cinematics Production Coordinator
Shibata, Takuya Cinematics Cinematics Executive Producer Just Cause Productions, Inc.
Langdon, Reuben Cinematics Cinematics Executive Producer Just Cause Productions, Inc.
Saito, Hideyuki Cinematics Producer Polygon Pictures, Inc.
Kawata, Syuichi Cinematics Lead Animation and Lighting Supervisor
Kotani, Toshiya Cinematics Technical Director
Murakami, Ryohei Cinematics Technical Director
Tomino, Kimihiro Cinematics Lighting and Animation
Kamekawa, Keiko Cinematics Lighting and Animation
Misaki, Yoshio Cinematics Lighting and Animation
Hirabayashi, Yoshiaki Cinematics Facial Animation
Irie, Tsuyoshi Cinematics Sub-Cut Scene Direction
Tonoe, Yoshiyuki Cinematics Sub-Cut Scene Direction
Kobayashi, Katsumi Cinematics Motion Capture Support
Imanaka, Masashi Cinematics Motion Capture Support
Yuasa, Yoshiaki Cinematics Motion Capture Support
Iwashina, Arata Cinematics Cinematic Sound Designer
Takimoto, Kazuya Cinematics Mixing Engineers
Moriguchi, Takashi Cinematics Mixing Engineers
Shibata, Takuya Cinematics Cinematics Executive Producer
Langdon, Reuben Cinematics Cinematics Executive Producer
Ogawa, Kumiko Cinematics Associate Producer
Kobayashi, Masanori Cinematics Assistant Director/Cinematic Editor
Ohara, Ken Cinematics 2nd Unit Director/Cinematic Editor
Yamashita, Yosuke Cinematics Animation Supervisor
Chong, Eiren Cinematics Production Coordinator
Yoshida, Anri Cinematics Production Co-Coordinator
Kim, Joki Cinematics Production Co-Coordinator
Tomoda, Haruka Cinematics Production Co-Coordinator
Koyama, Takumi Cinematics Assistant Editor
Komura, Hidetaro Cinematics Production Assistant
Sonzero, Jim Cinematics Pre-Production Director/Creative Director
Yu, Garson Cinematics Pre-Production Creative Director
Carol Wong Cinematics Pre-Production Executive Producer
Rauh, Katie Cinematics Pre-Production Producer
Ellsworth, Johnny Cinematics Pre-Production Producer
Bingham, Jerry Cinematics Pre-Production Storyboard artist
Chang, Joel Cinematics Pre-Production Concept artist
Altiner, Alp Cinematics Pre-Production Concept artist
Chris Edwards Cinematics Pre-Production Previs creative director
Howell, Barry Cinematics Pre-Production Previs supervisor
Cheng, Albert Cinematics Pre-Production Previs artist
Hwang, Andrew Cinematics Pre-Production Previs artist
Aguilar, David Cinematics Pre-Production Previs artist
Mori, Hiroshi Cinematics Pre-Production Previs artist
Nelson, Mark Cinematics Pre-Production Previs artist
Gnabro, Yvain Cinematics Pre-Production Previs artist

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