Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (known in Japan as Biohazard 5: Alternative Edition) is an updated version of Resident Evil 5. It was released in Japan on 17 and 18 February 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 respectively, and released on March 9 in North America and Europe. It was released as a disc and DLC for the PlayStation 3, and as a downloadable update for the Xbox 360.

In March 26, 2015, it was re-ported to PC (Microsoft Windows) exclusively on the Steam platform, utilising the Steamworks severs and replacing the previous GFWL Version which relied on Games for Windows Live for online play and never received Gold Edition content.

The gold edition became the basis for all later ports, including the 2016 Nvidia Shield TV port and the PlayStation 4/Xbox One ports of the game.

New ContentEdit

In addition to the regular Resident Evil 5 and all its features and Downloadable content released by now, several other new features will be included, all available as Downloadable content for the owners of the regular Resident Evil 5. These include:

  • A Revisited Mercenaries mode ("The Mercenaries Reunion"), bringing in new characters and costumes, using the maps of the normal The Mercenaries mode. Each of the eight original maps are slightly modified, including new locations for Time Bonuses; Combo Bonuses; new enemies and variants of the enemies.
  • Two different Costume Packs
  • A new Figurine Pack
  • A new scenario known as Lost in Nightmares
  • A new scenario known as Desperate Escape
  • New enemies and different variants of old ones.
  • PlayStation Move support

Lost in NightmaresEdit

Main article: Lost in Nightmares

This chapter takes place in Oswell E. Spencer's family home, which bears many similarities to the mansion he had built in the Arklay Mountains. The only enemies actually appearing in this game are the "Blob" and Albert Wesker.

The Guardian's spawn locations vary depending on the difficulty, though are only seen from the mansion basement onwards. However, under certain circumstances, it is possible to encounter one within the mansion itself (If difficulty is set to Veteran, and two if difficulty is set to Professional) [2] Apart from this possible mansion appearance of the Guardian, there are no enemies whatsoever to be found until entering the mansion basement.

Additionally, there are at least a few puzzles and traps in the stage, including a spike-covered ceiling that collapses in on Jill Valentine, a homage to the trapped room of the original Resident Evil, and a handcrank that lifts a grate you must pass through. Remarking to the puzzle placement, Chris Redfield says, "What is it with this guy (Oswell E. Spencer) and cranks?", to which Jill promptly responds, "He's a man of refined tastes", to which Chris replies, "He's obsessed, that's what he is."

Upon starting the chapter, if you walk up to the door behind you the "Investigate" button will pop up, do it. Your character will talk about completing the mission. Investigate the door until the "Investigate" button becomes a question mark symbol and you will now be in the classic and static camera style of the previous Resident Evil games.

Desperate EscapeEdit

Main article: Desperate Escape

Desperate Escape is set around Chapter 6, and shows how Jill and Josh managed to escape from the Tricell Facility and obtained the helicopter they used to save Chris and Sheva. In it, the two pair up in search of a landing zone for a BSAA pilot named Doug, who was sent some time after the beginning of Chapter 4 when Josh promised reinforcements.

The enemies that Josh and Jill encounter and at what point they encounter them are randomly selected. Throughout Desperate Escape you can potentially fight the Town Majini (Mini-bosses being Executioners in the 2nd act, Chainsaw Majini in the 1st and 3rd act and Chain Gun Majini in the 3rd act) or the Base Majini (Mini-bosses being Chain Gun Majini in the 1st act, Reapers in the 2nd and 3rd act and Red Executioners in the 3rd act)

The Mercenaries ReunionEdit

Main article: The Mercenaries Reunion

"Mercenaries Reunion" plays exactly like the normal Mercenaries mode except for a few minor tweaks and new areas within the maps. All the maps are unlockable in the same fashion they were before. Characters you receive however are based solely on how much you have of the new DLC. For example, if you have only purchased Desperate Escape, Josh Stone and Rebecca Chambers will be available to you, but the others will not until you downloaded the rest of it.

There will be two new costumes in the Mercenaries Reunion for both Chris and Sheva if you download the respective costume packs.

For Chris there are the new "Warrior" and "Heavy Metal" costumes, while Sheva Alomar has the "Fairytale" costume which is based off the character B.B. Hood (Bulleta in Japan) from CAPCOM's Darkstalkers and a "Business" costume which resembles the appearance of Ingrid Hannigan.

Josh Stone and Rebecca Chambers are both playable with Desperate Escape while Excella Gionne and Barry Burton will both be with Lost in Nightmares.

Barry and Rebecca are both wearing their S.T.A.R.S. outfits from the Resident Evil REmake. Barry uses his signature magnum in some of his melee attacks whilst exclaiming "I have THIS!" and/or "What Is This ?!" and Rebecca is seen using a can of bug spray which are obvious references to the original Resident Evil.

Figurines and MiscellaneousEdit

There are 10 figures in Gold Edition. The Figure Pack can be downloaded from Xbox Live for free. DLC adds 6 figures: Two figures of Sheva and Chris and one of Rebecca and Barry. Remained figures are locked.

There are 10 figures in the edition. The pack may be downloaded from the Xbox Live Marketplace, currently for free, and this will add 6 figures. 2 figures each of Sheva and Chris, and one of Barry and one of Rebecca. The remaining four figures are locked, two will be unlocked with the completion of Lost in Nightmares (which feature Chris and Jill together) and another two will also be unlocked Desperate Escape (Jill and Josh together).

The Mercenaries UnitedEdit

This mode is a combination of The Mercenaries (RE5) and The Mercenaries United featured exclusively in the PlayStation 4 / Xbox One ports of Resident Evil 5.

Further notesEdit

  • In Mercenaries Reunion, Rebecca and Barry's ages are listed as being 18 and 38, respectively. These are the same ages they were in 1998 when the first Resident Evil game took place, while Chris' and Jill's ages have been updated to correspond to the year Resident Evil 5 takes place, 2009.
  • Jill and Wesker have leftover voice files for calling the Reunion characters, and vice versa (Excella, Rebecca, Barry and Josh voice calls for Jill/Wesker), Jill and Wesker's HUD Names show up fine when memory hacked into Reunion (unlike normal Mercs characters) suggesting they may have been intended but were ultimately removed.
  • The 2015 SteamWorks PC Version / Port allows user to import their data from the older GFWL PC Version. The DX10 and 3D Support were removed, and several bugs existed on released and region lock remains intact.


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