Resident Evil 6 Signature Series Guide is a BradyGames guidebook released alongside Resident Evil 6.


Detailed Maps - Locate helpful items, important weapons, and hidden secrets with these easy to use maps.

Complete Campaign Coverage - From the hallways of Ivy University, to the rooftops of Hong Kong, to the snowfields of Edonia–you can count on the information in this guide to give you the best path for stealth attacks and the best route for items and ammo conservation.

Hidden Emblem Locations - All of the hidden emblems that unlock information in the game are called out on the illustrated maps and described in the text, so you don't miss any of these secret targets.

Mercenaries Strategy and Tactics - Learn strategies to earn quality rankings for Mercenaries mode– including the locations of key items, the best areas for cover, and places for combo multipliers.

Enemy, Item, and Skill Data - Learn the best ways to exploit enemy weaknesses, choose the best skills for your play style, and manage your resources for survival.