Opening (Claire) is a full-motion video scene in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.


Following the events of Raccoon City, Claire Redfield sets off for Europe to reunite with her brother, Chris Redfield. After infiltrating the Umbrella Europe headquarters in Paris, France, Claire is captured and taken to a prison camp on Rockfort Island. Upon awakening in her cell from the sounds of explosions overhead, the power to the room goes out and she is approached by a shambling figure which appears to be a zombie.



Your identification number is WKD4496. Welcome to your new home.

Her name is Claire Redfield. We caught her trespassing in our Paris lab facility ten days ago. She apparently infiltrated the complex looking for her lost brother, Chris Redfield, one of the surviving members of R.P.D.'s famous S.T.A.R.S. teams.

Don't move!

The original Japanese transcript for this file is not yet present. Please add it.


  • The original Dreamcast version of the scene is noticeably darker than CODE: Veronica X versions of the game.

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