Note: Due to the limitations of the GameBoy Color, more complex Kanji were replaced by Katakana representing their sounds.


In an effort to put a stop to the global operations of the evil corporate entity Umbrella Pharmaceuticals Inc., an underground organization was formed. This organization consists of former S. T. A. R. S. member and ex-umbrella employees.

Somewhere in North America, at this underground organization's hideout.

2.30 am

Barry: "Reporting for duty."

Chief: "Good to see you Barry. I have a mission for you of the utmost urgency. A new type of Bio Organic Weapon developed at Umbrella Labs has escaped! This B.O.W. is believed to be among the passengers of the luxury ocean cruiser, The STARLIGHT. The new B.O.W. is an extremely dangerous creature, even in its human form. Leon S. Kennedy of Raccoon City Police Department was tracking the B.O.W., but we have now lost contact with him. His last report came in over 24 hours ago."

Locate Leon S. Kennedy and eliminate the B.O.W.

Via helicopter.

The STARLIGHT, currently cruising the Atlantic.

Via helicopter, deployed on receipt of radio transmission.

Barry Burton.

Good look with your mission.

くだこうと、 トラッシュブタイS.T.A.R.S.の元タイ員や、 アンブレラからの脱そうしゃが
あつまり、 チカソシキをけっせいした。
ここは、 北アメリカにあるチカンシキのアジト。

AM 2. 30

Barry: "任ムをうかがいにまいりました。"

Chief: "ごくろう。 シキュウ
このB.O.W.は、ゴウカ客船スターライト号に逃げこみ、 ジョウ客の1人になりすましているようなのです。
この新ガタB.O.W.をまっさつするため、 ラクーン市ケイサツのレオン・S・ケネディがスターライト号にせん入したのですがレンラクがとだえてしまいました...
さいごにレンラクがあったのは24時カンいじょうも まえです。"





任ム スイ行シャ:

Good Luck!

Cutscene 1

Side deck

HQ: "Barry come in over..."
Barry: "Copy, I read you, over..."
HQ: "You are now on the Side Deck 2F. Make your way West to the lobby to enter the ship. Look for useful items along the way. They may be hidden in boxes or other containers. Your alert icon will show when an item is nearby. you can then pick up this item. Good luck Barry. Over and out."

本部: "こちら本部。バリー、 応答せよ…。"
バリー: "こちらバリー。 どうぞ…。"
本部: "きみはいま 2Fのサイドデッキにいる。
西側のロビーから船内に せん入するんだ。
せん入中に 必要なアイテムをさがしてくれ。
アイテムは、 ボックスや船内にかくされている。
アイテムのそばにくると、 アラートアイコンが表示される。
そしたら、 そのアイテムをゲットするんだ。

Cutscene 2

Side deck

HQ: "Barry, be careful, we have detected hostiles in the Lobby. If you need to, use your targeting system to attack these hostiles. Once your target is activated you can aim at these hostiles. The sight will indicate when a hostile is in range. De-activate the target system once a hostile is in range to start a battle. Once in a battle, fire your weapon when the target is aligned with the hostile to be hit. Remember that your weapons are less effective at greater distances. Caution is recommended though. Avoid conflict if you can. Be careful in there."
Barry: "Will do. Over and out."

本部: "バリー、 気をつける。ロビーにテキがいる。
まずターゲットシステムをオンにしたら、 テキにジュウをむける。
つぎに、 ショウジュンシマークを使って テキをとうえる。
テキがシャテイキョリに入ると、 ショウジュンマークの形が変わる。
そこでターゲットシステムをオフにし、 攻ゲキをカイシするんだ。
テキをうつタイミングは、 ターゲットがテキの位チにイドウしたときだ。
シャテイキョリがとおいほど、 武器のハカイリョクは小さくなる。
とにかく ようじんしる。セントウは、 なるべくさけるほうがぶなんだ。
バリー: "OK。"

Cutscene 3


Barry: "What in the name of... What has happened to these people? They're not... ...human anymore!"

Barry: "たんてこった…いったい、 なにがあったんだ?

Cutscene 4

Rest. balcony

HQ: "Make your way to the Security Room on 4F. Try the elevators to the West Maybe you can locate Leon with the security cameras."
Barry: "O.K. I'll make contact when I get there. Over and out."

Cutscene 5

Seat deck

Barry: "The Security Room will probably be locked. I may need a key for it."

Cutscene 6

Security room

Barry: "Hmmm, what can I do with this hunk of junk."

Barry: "Wait a minute, this doesn't look like one of those creatures."

Barry: "Hey! Listen up! Can you hear me?"

Girl (via comm): "Leon?... Is that you?"

Barry: "Huh? You know Leon?"

Girl (via comm): "Who are you?"

Barry: "I'm special agent Barry Burton. I'm a friend of Leon's."

Girl (via comm): "I'm Lucia. Leon went off to find the horrible monster that is turning everybody into... into... zombies! Leon rescued me and told me to wait here until he gets back."

Barry: "Where is Leon right now?"

Lucia (via comm): "I don't know, he left here ages ago. I'm scared - I keep hearing noises. Oh no, you have to help me. I think it's that monster banging on the door! He's here! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!"

Barry: "Don't panic! Calm down! Just tell me where you are!"

Lucia (via comm): "I'm on the Sun Deck! Hurry - the door isn't going to hold much longer."

Barry: "Hold on, I'm on my way."

Cutscene 7


Upon leaving the security room:

  • Barry: "I thought I just heard a scream. It seems to be coming from the East."

Cutscene 8


When about to enter the Bar
Barry: "There's that scream again. This time I know it's Lucia."
"She must be really close."

Cutscene 9

Elevator passage

About to enter the sun deck
Barry: "I can hear Lucia. She's on the other side of this door."

Cutscene 10

Sun deck

Barry reaches the sun deck
From the edge of the shadows he can see something hideous and large chasing Lucia.
Lucia: "Help meeee!"
"Keep it away from me!"
Barry: "If that's the B.O.W. this is my lucky day!"
"Sweet mother of... I spoke too soon!"
Lucia: "Ahhhhhhhhh! Get it off me!"

Cutscene 11

Sun deck

The B.O.W. dissolves into an amoeba-like form.
Then it disappears rapidly into the shadows.

Barry: "That thing just vanished!"
Lucia: "I'm glad it has finally gone. It was horrible."
Barry: "Are you hurt? Let me see your arm."
"What the... Not a scratch! I could've sworn he'd hurt you!"
"I... I was lucky wasn't I?"
Barry: "Uh, yeah. I guess you were, but let's not push that look, O.K.?"
"Stay close, that thing might still be around."
Lucia: "No, he's gone."
Barry: "What makes you so sure of that?"
Lucia: "I don't know... I just... feel it."
Barry: "Uh, right."
Lucia: "What is it. Is something wrong?"
Barry: "No, nothing. C'mon, let's go find Leon..."

Cutscene 12

Elevator passage

HQ: "Barry, do you copy... Barry do you copy, over?"
Barry: "Copy, over."
HQ: "Thought we'd lost you, what's going on out there."
Barry: "I've found a survivor and I'm pretty certain I've located the B.O.W."
"It took everything I threw at it, but then it vanished."
HQ: "Unlucky about the B.O.W. However we have news on Leon."
"We have unscrambled Leon's last message."
"We believe he is somewhere in the 1st Class Cabin area."
Barry: "Thanks for the update. Over and out".
Lucia: "Why don't we take the lift down, it would be a lot quicker."

Cutscene 13

Lobby balcony

Barry: "Hmm, looks like the door to 1st Class is locked."
Lucia: "If it helps I have a key to 2nd Class."
Barry: "O.K. Let's go to 2nd Class and give that a try instead."
"We might find something of use there."

Cutscene 14

2nd class cabins

Barry: "Now we have the 1st Class Cabin's key we can go look for Leon."
Lucia: "Great! I'll follow you there."

Cutscene 15

Lobby balcony

Lucia: "Wait! It's that monster... He's somewhere around here!"
Barry: "Huh?... Where?!"
Lucia: "I can't pinpoint his location... but he's definitely nearby."

Cutscene 16

Lobby balcony

Lucia: "Hey, Lucia. What's going on? How did you know that thing would be here?"

Barry: "I told you I can feel its presence."

Barry: "Right! I'd like to believe you."
"But I got this feeling there's something you're not telling me!"

Lucia: "I can still feel it... It's really close."

Barry: "Noooooo!!!!"
"That thing just grabbed Lucia..."
"... then... vanished."

Cutscene 17A

1st class cabins

Barry: "This hole appears to go down a long way."
"I can just make out a figure. I think it's Leon."
"Damn. I'll need a role to get down there!"
"I'm sure I saw one earlier near the Pool on 4F."

Cutscene 17B

1st class cabins

Barry: "This hole appears to go down a long way."
"I can just make out a figure. I think it's Leon."
Barry decends the rope to reach Leon
Barry: "Leon c'mon! Wake up!"
Leon regains consciousness.
Leon: "Uhhhn... My head... Barry? What are you doing here?"
Barry: "When you failed to report in, somebody pushed the panic button."
"So they called me in to pull your fat out of the fire."
Leon: "Right... Sorry for dragging you... Wait a minute! There was a girl..."
Barry: "Yeah, I know. Lucia, right? She's been captured by that... that thing."
"Y'know, there's something about that girl that bothers me..."
Leon: "Like what?"
Barry: "Well, she's got this weird power."
"Maybe she's the B.O.W. that we're looking for..."
Leon: "Yeah sure... And that thing that took her doesn't fit the bill?"
Barry: "Well yeah, but..."
Leon: "Listen. Right now, I'm convinced that amboeba thing's a pretty good candidate for what we're looking for, and until I'm convinced otherwise, I'd like to see what I can do to save what may be the only survivor in this hellhole!"
Barry: "You're right. There's a security room back the way I came."
"We might be able to use the observation monitor to find her..."

Cutscene 18

Security room

Leon: "There they are!"
Barry: "Looks like it's heaing for the Upper Deck. This doesn't make any sense!"
"As far as we know that thing has wiped out everybody on board."
"Why doesn't it kill the girl?"
Leon: "You don't quit do you! I know you think she's the monster we're looking for, but if she is, why isn't she wiping the floor with that thing?"
Barry: "I don't see your point, but..."
Leon: "Look. If it's her power that's bothering you, don't worry."
"I know about it. Before you came on board I had some time to talk to her."
"About two years ago she was adopted from an orphanage."
"She said her ears started ringing abut that time."
Barry: "Her ears?"
Leon: "Yeah. Apparently she has an acute sense of hearing."
"Not to mention her other senses. She also told me that she healted quicker than most."
"In fact those same powers got her in trouble with the local kids."
"They picked on her for being different."
"She said that thing got so bad, her foster parents decide to send her to some relatives in Europe. That's why she's on this ship."
"Not because she's some sort of refugee from the Umbrella laboratory!"
Barry: "That sounds pretty lame to me!"
Leon: "Jeez, why do I bother?"
"Can you at least assume she's innocent until proven guilty?"
"Right now, my concern is that monster heading for the Upper Deck."
"If taking that thing out means saving the girl in the process, then what' the problem with that?! Come on... We've wasted enough time! Let's move!"

Cutscene 19

Upper deck

Barry: "Hold it right there. Put the girl down! NOW!"

Cutscene 20

Upper deck

Leon: "Lucia!"

Lucia: "Leon you're alive! Somehow I knew you'd be OK."

Barry: "I don't believe it... this thing can't be stopped!"
"Come on we'd better get out of here! Let's go! Now!"

Cutscene 21

Side deck

Barry: "We really need to find out what's going on."
Lucia: "Last I heard some of the crew were hiding out in the refrigerator."

Cutscene 22

Kitchen, leaving the Refrigerator

Barry: "Great! Now we have the crew area key, let's go back to the crew area."
Leon: "OK, we're right behind you."

Cutscene 23

Crew area

Suddenly an explosion rocks the STARLIGHT.
Leon: "Lucia! You're hurt!"
Lucia: "I'm okay! I'm okay!"
Leon: "The fire is spreading! If it reaches the engine room, this ship's gonna blow and we're gonna go with it!"
Barry: "I'll use the radio, and call in the helicopter, we need to get off this floating death trap."
"Mayday! Mayday! HQ, do you read me? Come in! Over."
HQ: "This is Headquarters. Over?"
Barry: "I've found Leon! We've alos got a girl with us!"
"She appears to be the only survivor."
HQ: "What about the B.O.W.?"
Barry: "We're still working on that! But right now we've got a ship that might sink at any minute! Request a helicopter for immediate evac!"
HQ: "No can do! We can't get a chopper up in this storm."
"Suggest you hold out until the storm blows over."
"We'll get a chopper out the minute the sky is clear!"
Barry: "Right... I'll see if the ship will accomodate our schedule..."
HQ: "One more thing. We've received some new info on the BOW. that might help you identify the creature. It has green blood. I repeat it has green blood. Acknowledge, please."
Barry: "Green blood... uh... Acknowledged Over and out!"
Leon: "Well it looks like you were wrong."
Barry: "Yeah I guess I was... Listen, Leon, I need you to see if there's a sprinkler ystem or something you can get working to slow down the fire. That way we might be able to buy some time 'til the chopper gets here."
Leon: "What are you going to do?"
Barry: "Trust me. I'll be right back!"
Leon: "Yeah, sure..."
"Lucia stay close. On high tech ships like this everything usually runs from a main computer. Let's head to the Computer Control Room and see if we can find something that will activate the sprinkler system!"
Lucia: "Ok I' right behind you."

Cutscene 24

Computer room

Leon: "OK, that's the computer re-booted, but we can't start the sprinkler system from here. It says the system can only be started from the Data Control Room. It must be part of the ship's security."
Lucia: "OK. Let's go."

Cutscene 25

Storage bay

Leon: "Great! That fire extinguisher has put out all the flames. Now we can get through to the Data Control Room to switch on the sprinkler system."

Cutscene 25

Data control

Leon: "Thats got the sprinkler system working. According to this computer there an emergency fire system that can be activated from the Security Room. Let's head there and see if we can start it."

Cutscene 26

Security room

Leon: "Wait a minute! What's going on here? Who's Barry talking to?"

Lucia: "If we listen carefully we can just make out what he's saying."

Barry: "Well? What's your answer? Do I have to remind you that I have Lucia? That doesn't leave you with too many options now, does it?"

Voice: "You do have a point. Proceed as planned, but don't go getting any strange ideas. We have eyes watching your every move..."

Barry: "You're just gonna have to trust me. Over and out."

Leon: "Who in the worlsd was he talkign to? It almost sounded like he was trying to sell us out to Umbrella or something."

Lucia: "But he's your partner..."

Leon: "Yeah, I guess I owe him the benefit of the doubt. I'll jut have to ask him about it, when I find him. Do you know where the bar is that he was talking from?"

Lucia: "I think it was the Piano Bar on 2F."

Leon: "Okay let's go there and see if we can find Barry..."

Cutscene 27

Piano bar

Barry: "Looks like you bought us some time with the sprinkler system."

Leon: "Forget that. Just tell me what's going on?"

Barry: "..........."

Leon: "Well? Let's hear it! What's going on?!"

Barry: "Give me the girl."

Leon: "What? Have you gone mad?"

Barry: "You head me. Lucia, come over here!"

Leon: "Lucia!"

Lucia: "Don't worry I'll be O.K."

Leon: "I can't let you get away with this!"

Barry: "Right now you don't have any choice."

Leon follows Barry and Lucia to the Upper Deck, where Barry forces Lucia to descend a rope ladder to a mysterious submarine that waits below. The submarine has the markings of the Umbrella Corporation.

Leon: "Somehow I've got to get inside there, I can't let them get away!"

Suddenly armed guards appear on the deck of the submarine.

Guards: "Get back! This is your only warning! Do not approach the submarine!"

Leon: "What are you going to do... shoot me?"

Guards: "OPEN FIRE!"

Leon: "I can't believe they opened fire! And now they're gone!"

A second explosion rattles the STARLIGHT

Leon: "This is not looking good! That sounded like the Engine Room. Another explosion like that and this ship is going down! I wonder if it's too late to learn to swim?"

HQ: "To all operaties, is anyone there, over. I repeat is anyone there, over..."

Leon: "This is Leon sir, reading you loud and clear!"

HQ: "Good to hear your voice Leon, I'm afraid we have some bad news, out sensors indicate that there is a massive build up of power around the Engine Room. Going by what the sensors are telling us it could blow in minutes."

Leon: "Things are really not going my way today. I'll make my way to the Engine Room and see if I can stop what ever is causing the power build up."

HQ: "Good luck Leon."

Cutscene 28


Inside the engine room the B.O.W. proceeds to wreck the ship's fuel converter. In an attempt to blow up the ship and destroy all the evidence of his activities.

Leon: "Hey big guy! That's enough! I'm not ready to go down with the ship. If anything's going down, it's going to be you! I'm gonna blow you right into those steam ducts."

Cutscene 29


Leon: "It looks like I finally ran out of luck... the damage that monster has done is so severe there's no way back now. I never thought it would end like this! My only regret is that Barry isn't here to share the moment..."

On board the submarine.

Capt: "Well done, Barry! It seems you've come through for us after all... Now, hand over the girl."

Barry: "Sorry Captain. The deal is off. Tell your men to hold their fire, if you want to keep the girl alive. Nice and easy. Do as I say and we'll all get along just fine."

Capt: "You back-stabbing... You set me up. You offered Umbrella the girl so you could hijack my sub!"

Barry: "Very good, Captain. Being aboard a sinking ship with no hope of being picked up, I figured I'd see what Umbrella had in mind for recovering their precious B.O.W. I offered the girl, and here you are my own underwater lumousine service! What I can't figure out is why you want the girl. I thought the amoeba-thing was what you were after..."

Capt: "B.O.W.? Amoeba...? You mean you didn't know that we were after the girl, all this time?"

Barry: "Don't give me that, the B.O.W. is supposed too have green Blood! Lucia's blood is red!"

Capt: "Of course her blood is red! She's the host. The B.O.W. is a parasite! It's inside her body!"

Barry: "What?!"

Capt: "In another ten days, the B.O.W. will mature and reach a stage where it can eat its way out of the girl."

Lucia: "NO! NO!"

Barry: "It's all right Lucia! I'm sure I can persuade the ship's Captain to lend us his ship's surgeon to extract the parasite."

Captain: "Don't be stupid who knows what complications an early extraction might cause!"

Barry: "Listen carefully, Captain. I'll give you a simple choice... Extraction or extinction!"

Captain: "Very well my friend you win!"

Inside the sickbay Barry holds a gun to the Captain's head while the ship's surgeon prepares to operate on Lucia.

Surgeon: "The operation was a success. We were able to extract the parasite via the Girl's mouth."

Lucia: "Barry!"

Barry: "You've got nothing to worry about now. Take a look... That thing won't be bothering you anymore."

Lucia: "Is it dead?"

Barry: "I don't know... Geez! It's still alive!"

Suddenly the parasite breaks free from the glass and attack the Captain. The parasite drains the life from the Captain, turning him into a Zombie.

Cutscene 30


Barry: "Sounds like that thing's attacking anything in sight! We've got to get to the bridge to turn this sub around and rescue Leon!"

Lucia: "I'm right behind you!"

Cutscene 31


Barry and Lucia make it to the bridge. Slamming the hatch shut on the B.O.W. Keeping the creature at bay.

Cutscene 32

Control room

Barry: "That's it. I think I've figured out these controls. I've got the Sub headed back towards the STARLIGHT!"

Lucia: "I'll bet Leon will be happy to see us!"

Barry: "If he doesn't shoot me first. By the way I'm sorry for treating you so rough back there."

Lucia: "There's no need to apologize. I don't know how to explain it... But what you were doing it somehow felt right."

Barry: "It's more than likely because I have a daughter about your age."

Lucia: "Oh!"

Barry: "Hey I've got an idea! If we ever get out of this mess, why don't you come and live with us? That is, if you don't mind having a sister..."

Lucia: "Oh Barry that would be wonderful."

Barry: "I think so too. Now, we're near the STARLIGHT, let's go find Leon."

Barry and Lucia prepare to board the STARLIGHT.

Barry: "The ship's barely floating! We don't have much time! Let's find Leon and get out of here!"

Suddenly the B.O.W. bursts from a hatch onto the sub's deck.

Lucia: "BARRY!!!"

Barry: "Man! Not again."

Before Barry can get a shot, the creature, in a sudden burst of speed, dives towards the side of the STARLIGHT and disappears.

Barry: "It's bad enough that the ship is about to sink! Now we've got to watch out for that thing too! Let's head to the ship's Engine Room and see if we can find Leon."

Cutscene 33

Engine room

Barry: "Leon! You're alive."

Leon: "You came back?!"

Barry: "What did you expect?! Now c'mon let's get out of here!"

Lucia: "Barry I... I don't think that's Leon."

Barry: "What?!"

Lucia: "I mean what I said... I don't think that's Leon."