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Further notes
Name Position Employer
Ahmad, Shahid Musician M4, Ltd.
Barnett, Stefan Lead Artist M4, Ltd.
Brooke, Jon PR Manager Virgin Interactive
Brown, Mark Presentation Artist M4, Ltd.
Cox, James Game Engine Programmer
Executive Producer
M4, Ltd.
Curtis, Elliot Artist M4, Ltd.
Frazer, Steve Head of QA Virgin Interactive
Gay, Roy Tester Virgin Interactive
Grant, Allison Marketing Virgin Interactive
Hull, Tim Game Designer
Executive Producer
M4, Ltd.
Kato, Hiroki Scenario and Planning Capcom
Marsh, Rob Lead Tester Virgin Interactive
Mikami, Shinji Advisor Capcom
Ohara, Shinsaku Special Thanks
Oyama, Tetsuro Special Thanks
Phillips, Odin Support Programmer M4, Ltd.
Silverstone, Bruce Background Artist M4, Ltd.
Silvester, John Tester Virgin Interactive
Simon, Harald Localisation Manager Virgin Interactive
Tanaka, Ken Special Thanks
Thompson, Sarah Producer Virgin Interactive
Wheeler, Kieron Lead Programmer M4, Ltd.
York, Barney Product Manager Virgin Interactive

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