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Further notes

The gameplay of Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 is basically the same as the first game which follows the original Resident Evil gameplay style tradition, but it includes a few other gameplay improvements.

  • It is now possible to move while firing.
  • You can now pick up items from the floor while crawling.
  • Alyssa and Kevin are able to potshot even in Danger status.
  • It is now possible to play multiples of the same "type" of character in an online game.
  • An apology ad-lib (voice command) has been added and is done by holding L2 and pressing Triangle.
  • A transferable extra starting item is included for all characters.
  • Alyssa now does a backwards jump instead of the back step.
  • Yoko cannot shoulder ram anymore and can only do the face push.
  • If attacked while holding someone, Cindy can make he or she duck.
  • Kevin can now do an elbow rush that knocks enemies back.
  • George has a stronger tackle that can knock enemies over.
  • Jim can swing a melee weapon very fast, but it leaves him winded afterward.
  • David has a fourth swing to his knife combo and two swings when aimed upward and downward.
  • Mark can push heavy objects and his big swing charges faster and can be aimed in all directions.
  • The game includes a new Nightmare Difficulty mode.

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