Many screenshots and videos were shown of Resident Evil Outbreak during its development as Network Biohazard/Resident Evil Online. Of these, some locations were shown that don't have a known scenario they belong to. Others are so fragmentary that they're often assumed to be the same scrapped scenario but may actually not be. Certain locations that were cut from the final also appear in cutscenes used in the final or appear elsewhere. This page is mostly a gallery dedicated to these scenarios that are too fragmentary to actually name.


It should be noted that just because a location appears in a cutscene doesn't mean that data still exists for it, in-game. Outbreak's "ingame" cutscenes are actually prerecorded off of the engine and not in realtime.


These are areas that were either meant to be part of an existing scenario or were set to reappear in another one.

"Streets of Raccoon City"

Although not known for sure, these following images may be some relation to whatever this scenario is really called and Hellfire. It may have been an expanded Hellfire or a scenario that came after it.

"Other unknown location"

"Other unknown map location"