This page contains the Sega Saturn Manual for Resident Evil.

Mission Set-up

Set up your Saturn game console according to the instructions in its Instruction Manual. Make the power is off before inserting or removing a compact disc. Insert the Resident Evil disc and close the CD door. Insert game controllers and turn of the Saturn game console. Follow the on-screen instruction to start a game.

Mission Controls

S.T.A.R.S. Mission: Raccoon Forest

^S.T.A.R.S.  - Special Tactics And Rescue Squad



Same as ACTION (B Button). If you press B during gameplay, your character will check the object in front of his/her. A message will appear to let you know what you found. If there is nothing there, no message appears. This control also opens doors and talks to other characters.


To return to the RESIDENT EVIL title screen during gameplay, press START, A, B and C Buttons simultaneously. Your game will reset automatically. Be sure to press the buttons together to avoid activating other functions.

Mission: Raccoon Forest

^S.T.A.R.S.  - Special Tactics And Rescue Squad

Starting A Mission

^S.T.A.R.S.  - Special Tactics And Rescue Squad

To bypass the opening sequence, press START on the Player 1 controller. You will be presented with the RESIDENT EVIL title screen. There are 3 options: NEW GAME, LOAD GAME and OPTION. Use the Directional Button to highlight a mode, then press START or B Button to select it.


Select this option when you want to start a new mission, beginning with the intro.


Select LOAD GAME if you have a previous game saved on your Saturn internal RAM. See following section for more information.

You can take command of either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, two top members of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team.


To save a game you must place an ink ribbon into a typewriter. Ink ribbons can be found in various places throughout the game. Once you find a ribbon, stand in front of the typewriter and press the ACTION button (B Button). You will be asked if you want to save you progress. Choose YES or NO.^ (Note): You'll need to find an ink ribbon each time you want to save, so use your ink ribbon wisely


If you have previously saved a game, highlight LOAD GAME from the title screen and press START, A or C Button. Your file(s) will appear. Use the Directional button to highlight the file you want to restart, then press START or B Button. Select "DO NOT LOAD" if you want to return to title screen without loading a file, or simply press the A or C button.


When you press the START Button during gameplay the STATUS screen will appears. This screen shows your character's condition and the item you are carrying. Use the Directional Button to highlight an item or function, then press the B Button to activate the options.


After highlighting the item you want to use, press the B Button. You then have 3 options in the command window: USE/EQUIP, CHECK or COMBINE.


To use the item, highlight USE and press the B Button. For weapons, EQUIP will appear instead of USE. If you select EQUIP, you'll be equipped with that weapon. You cannot use a weapon until you equipped it. You can only use 1 weapon at a time.


This option allows you to examine an item or weapon you have acquired. By using the Directional Button after selecting the item or weapon, you can rotate it and examine it in 3-D. If you want to increase or decrease the magnification of the item, press the L or R button, respectively.


Some items have a different effect when you combine them with other items, particularly weapons. For examples, when you want to re-load a clip of ammo for a gun. Use the Directional Button to move the cursor onto the gun you want to put the clip in. Try combining other items to discover new effects.


On the STATUS Screen next to your character's a mug shot is an electrocardiograph (ECG). This ECG shows the current condition of your character, and will read "FINE" or whatever the status or your character is. To return your character to better health, you must find medicine.


There are 3 other function you can perform from the STATUS SCREEN:


Select this option to view the rooms and areas you have already visited. This feature helps you keep track of where you need to go.


As you explore, you will discover notes, messages or other information that will automatically be filled in your character's notebook. Select this to view the contents of message filled. Hints may develop from these notes.


If this option is available, you have a radio at your command. but cannot use it unless you hear it beeping. If you hear it beeping, quickly open the STATUS SCREEN and select RADIO to receive the transmission. If you're too late, you could miss an important message!


You will notice that your character can only carry a certain number of items at a time (Chris carries 6 items, while Jill carries 8). You cannot lose an item once you find it, but you can use it up (like ammo, for example). In order to carry only the items you need at a certain time, you can store other items in an Item Box.

These are located in strategic places, and you must use them wisely because they are limited in places. Stand in front of the Item box and press the B Button. The Item Select Screen will appear.

You can exchange, give or take out items from the box. To place an item in the box, use the directional Button to highlight the item, then press the B Button. Now select a slot that reads "NOTHING" and press B Button. The item has now been placed into the box. If there are no slots that read "NOTHING", the ITEM BOX is full.

To exchange an item, place the cursor over the item you want to exchage and press B button. Now highlight the item in the box you want to exchange and press the B Button. You have now exchanged items.

To take an item out of the box, you must have an empty slot available to carry the item. Select the empty slot first then press the B button to move the cursor to the item box. Highlight the item to take out of the box and press the B Button.


This mode can be activated by passing the START or B Button from the title screen. You can adjust the configuration of your buttons (CONFIG) or adjust the SOUND mode (stereo or mono).

When adjusting your configuration, there are 3 set configurations: A, B and C. When you have finished adjusting your options, select EXIT or simply press A or C buttons.^ (Note): DASH refers to "RUN" and GET READY refers to "DRAW WEAPON".


Your standard equipment includes a 9mm semi-automatic hand gun and a combat knife. There are many other weapons to acquire through your search. Some weapons are more difficult to handle, so try them before taking them into combat (but don't waste too many rounds).





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