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Further notes

Please note that the credits page is not intended to be written in the order that the people appear.


Name Position Role
Hiroyuki Kai Planning Director
Takayoshi Shimamaki Planning System Planner
Shiki Hashihime Planning System Planner
Shin Murakita Planning System Planner
"George" Planning System Planner
Naoyuki Sakai Planning Scenario writer
Noboru Sugimura Planning Scenario writer
Mio Kotani Graphics CG Modeler
Character Designer
"Heybay-Hiradiera" Graphics CG Modeler
Character Designer
Tujisimazu Genki Graphics CG Modeler
Texture Design
Aki Iwata Graphics Motion Designer
Yukihiro Nagata Graphics CG Modeler
Texture Designer
Shin Hayakawa Graphics Motion Designer
Mio Kotani Grapics Texture Designer
Sinji Asayu Grapics Texture Designer
Koyose Ando Grapics Graphic Designer
Aki Iwata Grapics Graphic Designer
Hiro Kasazima Grapics Graphic Designer
Erino Shouji Grapics Graphic Designer
Hiro Moriyama Grapics Graphic Designer
Character Designer
Uya Okada Grapics Graphic Designer
Rie Inoue Grapics Graphic Designer
Kiyose Ando Grapics Effect Animator
Harlem Chu Graphics Background Designer
Akan Xue Graphics Background Designer
Willie Xu Graphics Background Designer
Benny Lee Graphics Background Designer
Ou Zenkou Software Engineering Main System Programmer
Enemy Programmer
Ray Lee Software Engineering Main System Programmer
Cockpit Programmer
Kanbe Takasi Software Engineering Main System Programmer
Enemy Programmer
Cockpit Programmer
Sound/System Effects Engineer
Momonose Ryouji "Plus T" Software Engineering Main System Programmer
Enemy Programmer
Scenario Programmer
Sound/System Effects Engineer
Leon Shi Software Engineering Main System Programmer
S. Kai Software Engineering Main System Programmer
"Liying" Software Engineering Main System Programmer
"Kitty" Software Engineering Main System Programmer
"Aex" Software Engineering Scenario Programmer
Furukawa Go Software Engineering Scenario Programmer
K. Nakata Software Engineering Scenario Programmer
"Yiyi&J.J." Scenario Engineering Cockpit Programmer
K. Hashi Scenario Engineering Cockpit Programmer
Shiro Kohmoto Sound Composer
Shinichi Hideoka Sound Sound Designer
Asdy Panelskiy Sound Dialogue Data Editor
Patrick Harlan Recording Crew Voice Actor/Cast
Colleen Lanki Recording Crew Voice Actor/Cast
Ruth Hollyman Recording Crew Voice Actor/Cast
Michael Naishtut Recording Crew Voice Actor/Cast
Walter Roberts Recording Crew Voice Actor/Cast
Brian-Matt Uhl Recording Crew Voice Actor/Cast
Miyuki Takahashi Recording Crew Mixer
Takayuki Yamagouchi Recording Crew Mixer
Hiroyuki Suzuki Recording Crew Mixer
Manabu Takemura English Script Translator
Takuya Shiraiwa English Script Translator
Takako Akutagawa Publicity Publiciser
Daisuke Sasaki Publicity Publiciser
Yoshimi Sawada Publicity Publiciser
Kouhei Kubota Publicity Publiciser
Masako Honma Publicity Publiciser
Yoshihiro Ohno Publicity Publiciser
Akemi Iwasaki Publicity Publiciser
Syo Sakai Publicity Publiciser
Eiro Shirahama N/A Project Manager
Tatsuya Minami N/A Producer

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