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Character Localized line Japanese Rōmaji Translation
Vincent Goldman You are not going to get away! 逃すか! Nogasu ka!
Ark Thompson Where... where am I? こ、 ここは、 どこだ?… Ko, koko wa, dokoda? …
Ark Thompson Who am I? I don't remember anything. は俺一体誰なんだ!?
Wa ore ittai darena nda! ? Na, nani mo omoidasenai…

Ark finds Vincent's bodyEdit

Character Localized line Japanese Rōmaji Translation
Ark Thompson You... you look familiar


Omae ni wa mi Satoru e ga! ?
Ark Thompson But... But I just can't remember. だが、何も思 い出せない....ウッ Daga, nani mo Shitau i dasenai. . . . U~tsu
Ark Thompson [The name Ark Thompson is carved on it.] [”アーク・トンプソン”と、名前が彫られている] ”Āku Tonpuson” to, namae ga hora rete iru
Ark Thompson Ark Thompson, huh? すまないな、 アーク Sumanai na, āku
Ark Thompson Though I can't remember anything 生きているときのおまえがどんな奴だったか Ikite iru toki no omae ga don'na yatsudatta ka
Ark Thompson I know that this was no way for anyone to die. 覚えてないが今のおまえを気の毒に思うよ Oboetenai ga ima no omae o kinodoku ni omou yo

Ark enters the hospitalEdit

Character Localized line Japanese Rōmaji Translation
Vincent Goldman


Ore kara nige rareru to omottara dai machigaida

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