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History Edit

Resident Evil Wiki was founded on March 16th, 2006, by Res.Evil guy and Warsman11. While Warsman11 edited occasionally, Res.Evil guy never edited. Eventually, Warsman11 stopped editing altogether. It was at this point that Forerunner, who was new to the Wiki, edited hundreds of times and created many pages in the course of 5 months before asking Angela for adminship. Forerunner edited for several weeks before the old crowd who followed Warsman11 re-appeared.

Shortly after the crowd reappeared, Forerunner changed the background to black and the writing to white causing minor controversies before he fixed the backgrounds on the infobox templates.

After editing greatly over the course of several months, Maverick King was nominated for adminship and won.

The 500th article was made between July and August by Forerunner in an attempt to earn a star in the gaming wikia list. He still continued to make many articles to improve its credibility. SithPower created 100 articles on September the 30th, along with the 1,000th article.

During August of 2008, Forerunner got the article count from 1500 to over 3000 pages. On October 16, Re4leonscottkennedy was nominated for adminship, and won for editing heavily over the six months since he had joined. On January 1, 2009, Forerunner created the 3500th article, and on April the 5000th article was created.

Who We Are and GoalEdit

The Resident Evil Wiki is one of the largest sources for Resident Evil information on the internet. We have articles on areas, characters, items, bosses, live-action actors, voice actors, game designers, and much, much more. Our current goal, having achieved 5,000 articles, is to improve and reference upon the already existing articles.

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